Dear Jo, the sun: "it's really scary".

Dear Jo,
it is important you get this.
But first, I was delighted to hear about the baby. So, I will try to keep this short knowing you will be busy with the most important of things and are unlikely to get around to doing anything about it soon.
The drop in solar activity was going to become the next climate scare. I said I thought it was important to ensure that at least one politician was not caught up in the public scare that is likely to develop. You listened.
Today as I came down for breakfast my wife told me there was something I had to see on the BBC website. She said: “it’s really scary”, “it was no surprise, because it’s just what you’ve been saying”. And it was top news:-
I’ve also highlighted the likely connection to the 1690s famines – at the height of the Maunder minimum. The book the “Ill years” suggests that up to a quarter of Scotland’s population died. I cannot imagine this would not become a topic of discussion in the referendum debate. This may make this all the more of a scare in Scotland.
As such, I believe we will see a repeat of the global warming scare, in that a known problem of manageable proportions, become blown out of all proportion through lack of knowledge and media speculation fuelled by the desire of academics to obtain funding for research.

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  1. Neil Craig says:

    This may have the advantage of being true but it has the more than countervailing disadvantage of not being blameable on human progress.
    The best place to geoengineer Earth’s climate from is orbit. With a spacegoing civilisation it would be cheap to put thousands of square miles of mirror/shade tinfoil in orbit, at which point warming/cooling becomes easily controllable.

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