Why do Scottish Greens represent the cities?

I should have noticed before, but the two biggest cities in Scotland are the only places with Green MSPs:

  • Patrick Harvie got in on the Glasgow list
  •  Alison Johnstone got in on the Lothian list and is a councillor for the Meadows/Morningside ward for the City of Edinburgh Council (terribly poosh).

So, let’s get this straight: the greens got in, in the biggest areas of electricity consumption, in the regions where …. I am just guessing … there are no windmills!

Who are the real NIMBY’s ?

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10 Responses to Why do Scottish Greens represent the cities?

  1. Pascvaks says:

    You would think that on environmental issues and legislation impacting others and not their own constituents that they would have the common decency to recuse themselves. Disgusting! Politics is the dirtiest part of the Oldest Profession, everyone wants a piece of the action.

  2. futureboy says:

    Not just cities but the well off part of cities. Morningside in Edinburgh, Hillhead in Glasgow.
    The “Green” party iis not only not “left wing” it is the spirituial heir to Lady Catherine de Burgh (Pride and Prejudice) opposed to any form of progress that would allow the common people a better life.

    • Futureboy, it’s worse than that. It is left wing and minority interest activists, like homosexuality and anti-capitalism, getting the votes of the “I’ll retire to the country and plant a few trees to offset my wealth gained in the life as a city banker fleecing the third world dry”.

  3. windy says:

    Patrick Harvie enjoyed a 14,000 mile ‘holiday of a lifetime’ to the States 2 years ago yet constantly pontificates on reducing our carbon footprint. He went there to investigate green issues amongst the homosexual population. His trip was equivalent to the footprint of the average family for 6 months ( if you believe all the global warming rubbish ).
    The green MP in England represents Brighton – shock lol

  4. worried says:

    “Scotland lauded as global leader for green energy”
    “Edinburgh city councillor Cameron Rose queried the consensus on climate change, telling Mr Gore that other respected scientists disagree.”
    There’s still some hope for Edinburgh yet!
    However there probably isn’t much hope left for Scotland as a whole:
    “Mr Salmond, who had breakfast with Mr Gore before the event, said: We face a moral obligation to act against growing climate chaos and a clear economic imperative to avoid much greater future costs, and these are issues which Mr Gore has worked tirelessly and consistently to communicate to governments, corporations and citizens across the world.”

  5. Wilson says:

    Two points: first, I am not surprised that Glasgow elects a Green MSP. I am quite serious here. Glasgow has a large number of residents of Irish extraction who support a particular football team. The team colours are green and white. Ireland is the Emerald Isle. The song is “The Wearing of the Green”. I am of Irish extraction but not religiously affiliated. If you had a second vote and it didn’t count for much, it was just a laugh, and you were in the category above, wouldn’t you cast it for the Green party. As a check, how many Green party votes are cast in, say, Larkhall, not known for affiliation to that football team.
    Second: Salmond is a wise fool. What growing climate chaos does he speak of? Climate chaos is normality. If you watched the TV prog “Watched over by machines of loving grace” you would be amazed to learn (as I was) that there is no such thing as the balance of nature. It is a mere intellectual artefact. Ditto for climate stability.

    • Wilson, it’s seldom that I’m speechless. I can see your logic re greens and Glasgow, but wouldn’t that also mean that Glasgow would have a whole raft of tories?

      • Wilson says:

        I too see your logic and that of futureboy but it is a fact that the religious demographic of Glasgow has changed in the last 60 years (school roll ratios in denominational/non-denominational schools support my thesis). Although the other religiously affiliated team plays in Glasgow it draws much of its support from areas outwith the city boundaries. I would expect many Green votes in the West End but not enough to elect a MSP. I am not surprised that Brighton has a Green MP. The Green vote is highest in the wealthy parts of the country (UK). Name the last place you would expect a high Green vote and Glasgow would be up there with Liverpool and Newcastle, mainly because the pressing issues affecting the population of these areas probably do not include those uppermost in the Greens. My conclusion is the only one that I can see that fits. If anyone can suggest another why Glasgow has a high Green vote I would be glad to consider it.

  6. futureboy says:

    Hillhead, where the Greens do well, is not known as the most Irish part of Glasgow.
    The traditional working class Tory vote in Scotland was largely a protestant Unionist one. The party gave that vote away in the interests of modernity.

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