Notice: Windfarm Conference

Scottish National WindCon

Friday 11th November 10.30 am – 4pm

Ayr Race Course Suite £26 pp including lunch and complimentary parking (ground floor so available to all delegates).
Communities Against Turbines Scotland


If wind turbines are impacting on your life! If you want to know about the future energy plans for Scotland! If you want to know more about wind  turbines and the cost to the environment, health and economy, then this is the conference for you!
Graeme Pearson MSP will chair the conference
Struan Stevenson MEP  he has just published a book The Rape of Britain Wind Farms and the Destruction of our Environment available from Rupert Matthews <>
Professor Iain MacLeod, Vice-President, The Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (IESIS) and Chairman of the IESIS Energy Strategy Group along with        
Colin Gibson, IESIS member, formerly Power Network Director, the National Grid. IESIS is a multidisciplinary professional engineering body.
Dick Bowdler Acoustics []
British Acousticians – Dr Malcolm Swinbanks , who presented at the recent international Wind Turbine noise conference in Rome, in April 2011 was recommended by Dr. Sarah Laurie who hope to also provide us with a video.
Dr Chris Hanning on sleep deprivation
Helen McDade from the John Muir Trust to speak on giving the ‘Trust’s view on the issues around energy as it impacts wild areas – both from an “impacts on wild and natural landscapes” viewpoint and regarding the national strategic aspects which lead to those impacts on the wild land.’
Find out more: http://www.
Register here:  http://www.

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4 Responses to Notice: Windfarm Conference

  1. Will there be any pro-wind speakers?

    • This is an anti-wind”farm” meeting. Will they invite Scottish Renewables? Does Scottish Renewables invitie them?
      All I can say, is that I’m quite sure there will be a representative of every Scottish Windfarm Turbine manufacturer!

  2. PaulH from Barcelona says:

    Excellent. Progress being made on many fronts.
    The ‘Pensioner Death Farm’ scam continues to crumble.

  3. In India, on 9 May in New Delhi, we will have a one day meet on wind turbines, looks like to oppose it and to try and devise norms for setting up turbines so that they do not impact life and nature – wildlife. A petition has been admitted in the Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, on 1 April 2013 (no. 89552011) to seek stay order on a wind company in Jaisalmer’s countryside (Sam road), I am at Jaipur and in to active wildlife conservation:

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