Fusion Scientist admits defeat

A senior scientist at the a senior scientist at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire told the Guardian:

“We have to use electricity to run the machine and there is no way of getting around that.”

Which is a very odd thing to say if you happen to be a research group whose intention is to produce electricity rather than use it!
It all stems from the increasing cost of electricity due to “green” energy policies, which clearly the Oxford group have been using to justify their own existence. But the fact remains, that they have publicly stated that “there is no way of getting around” their continued massive electricity bill.
Well here’s two suggestions:

  1. Start producing electricity rather than consuming it as you are supposed to.
  2. Jump off the global warming bandwagon which you have so cynically used to fund your science and which is the only thing which gives this failed theory any credibility.
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