Extermarmite, Extermarmite!

After Danish authorities decided to ban Marmite, there has been a call to ban Danish goods . On the page calling for a boycott of Danish goods, fan Joe Figg feared the ban could have far-reaching consequences. “This dastardly move could bring about global warming of toast,” he wrote. While Mark Salisbury wrote: “Down with spread fascism!”
Clearly this is a reference to Marmites earlier legal action against the British National Party after an image of a Marmite jar was used on a political broadcast without (see mail)
Several Facebook groups have already emerged in reaction to the ban imposed by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration because the product is fortified with added vitamins. The groups include “Eating marmite in Denmark because you’re a fearless bastard“, “Save Marmite in Denmark, Boycott Danish Bacon and Lego Now!!” and “Bring back Marmite in Denmark“. (see Guardian)
The draconian action is a result of a 2004 law which controls the distribution of products with “added vitamins, minerals or other substances”, and such food “need to be approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration before the product can be marketed”.
Apparently the “The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration has not received an application for marketing in Denmark of Marmite or similar products with added vitamins or minerals.” (see Register)
Ex Danish police chief warns Marmite ban plays into the hands of criminal gangs
“The hard line taken on the Marmite trade by Danish law-makers flies in the face of experience and could lead to lucrative new revenue streams for organised crime, says Torsten Hesselbjerg, who was the Rigspolitichefen (head of the Danish police) for eight years until 2008.” (NewsBiscuit)
Peak Marmite
Fears of a growing marmite shortage have triggered a massive surge in marmite commodity prices, described by environmentalists as “yet further proof that the world’s resources are running out”.

And finally

G8 to focus on the Climate   Arab Spring, the global economy and Japan’s nuclear disaster.
(heard this on radio scotland … but BBC seem to have missed this story so here’s another link)

G8 Summit to Focus on Nuclear Safety, Climate, the Internet
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