This is hilarious

Over on real climate I spotted this article:

It would not surprise me if the denialists would deny the existence of the new book by Haydn Washington and John Cook ( ‘Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand‘. Somehow, I don’t think they will read it – but they are not target group of this book either. Anyway, denialism is, according to the book, a common human trait – we should all know somebody who deny one thing thing or another.
Furthermore, denial is not the same as being skeptical, either, and Washington and Cook argue it is quite the opposite. Hence, the term “skeptics” for these deniers can be described as Orwellian “doublespeak”“newspeak”. (Source: lizard bunker)
Denial is apparently caused by our lizard brainstem. …

And I thought I wrote drivel. Lizard brainstem indeed! Paints a wonderful picture of lizards standing on rocks … “it’s warm, its warming, it global warming” …. then the sun goes behind a cloud …. “its cold, it’s colder it’s global cooling.”
“Warmer colder, colder, warmer … I know how to solve this … we’ll invent something with half the brain that doesn’t have to decide and call it mann!”
And just to be clear this book does not exist – repeat after me …. it does not exist. It is only a figment of their imagination.

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