Global warming is dead in the MSM

About a week ago I happened by chance to check the level of news on Peak oil compared to Global Warming and noticed something dramatic: the news level of “peak oil” was just a  little below that of “global warming”. In my naivety I assumed this was part of the long term trend of decreasing interest in Global Warming and rising interest in peak oil (for obvious reasons given the current price of oil).
So, imagine my reaction when I brought up a graph showing the trend in these two news stories. First, I found the number of stories on peak oil was not rising rapidly as I expected, but something dramatic happened to the Main Stream Media coverage of global warming in Jan

It fell off a cliff!

OK, it should have been obvious, the way all the sceptics seem to have been struggling to find any decent global warming news content (either positive or negative) to put our blogs, but when you see the graph its obvious why we can’t find anything: the main stream media are no longer printing the garbage. At first I wondered whether this could possibly be some mass concerted effort by all the “scientists” and NGO to stop pumping out the neverendum speculation that has so undermined the scam, but then the real reason struck me.
It’s as if the cold weather last winter flicked a switch. One month global warming was heading the news, the next it was dead in the water.
For graphs see: google

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