Next year's fashionable colour is electric

I used to work in the fashion industry in tights. And what surprised me was a discussion one day about the colour that was going to be fashionable, not in the next year, but the year after. It turned out, that the fashion industry all sat down and agreed what colours they would make fashionable in two years time.
And … what astounded me even more was how women (for it was mostly women at that time) … were so gullible that they went along like sheep and bought the colour they were brainwashed to buy (when everything in their wardrobe was perfectly adequate).
I could go on about how women seem to be inherently susceptible to fashion as even evident in old photos (except for men who hardly change their fashion until modern brainwashing), but instead today I want to talk about BBC brainwashing:

“The future is electric”

For years, the BBC have been broadcasting these programs about “the future”. Or in other forms “Industry is the past”. When I was a kid, I didn’t know any better and really did think the BBC knew better than I did. But now looking back at the BBC and their total cock-up on global warming and the way they jump on every fad … it’s clear to me their “future” has more to do with the “future” in fashion than it has to do with what ordinary people actual want or need.

In other words, these “the future is electric” ads on the TV (for that is all they really are), are not a prediction in the traditional sense of the word, but instead like the colour fixing fashion industry, they are an attempt to brainwash the gullible public into going clone like to the car show room to buy the latest eco-fascist fad.

The psychology of the Global Warming Gullibles

The basic difference between alarmists and sceptics is simple: alarmists desire to be socially acceptable. As such they go along with ideas like Global Warming they feel are “socially acceptable” and therefore they almost certainly buy clothes that are socially acceptable or “fashionable”. They are the quintessential gullible mass-market consumer who has wardrobes filled with unnecessary clothes they’ll never wear again because it is “last year’s fashion”. (That’s why they feel so guilty – why they are obsessed with finding a purpose for all that garbage sitting in their wardrobe – why they need “recycling to salve their conscience for so gullibly buying the useless fashionable garbage in the first place)
In contrast, the sceptic is a very different type of creature. They do not crave social acceptance. They do not see the world through other people’s eyes instead they see them through their own and as such they crave real information not other people’s views.
So, if an alarmist is told that the world is warming … they are extremely likely to believe that if they think the person is someone “credible” for that kind of “fashion” (which is really what global warming is to them). And like a fashion, it will be discarded as an idea when it become unfashionable … whereupon they will take up “that year’s fashionable idea”.
But for a sceptic, like our clothing, our ideas are almost permanent – unless or until we are compelled to throw them out. We are careful over how we choose and accept new ideas, that is because ideas are not part of this year’s fashion, but they are something we expect to adhere to for the rest of our lives. So, we take time to chose the best ideas and as our mental “wardrobe” has limited space, we are very choosy about which ideas fill up our mental wardrobe.
But most important, they are our ideas, they are what works for us best, not something we choose because other people like them or the ultimate sin: because they’re “fashionable”: aka another commercial money-making fad beingĀ  pushed by the BBC at the gullible public as the future “fashion” for society.

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