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Trump the revolution?

For a while I’ve been saying that the internet has fundamentally changed the behaviour of society. In the UK, it has led to the arrival of UK, the Greens and in Scotland the massive and unexpected support for the “non-mainstream” … Continue reading

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The stupidest reply yet

I sent a Letter to the head poncho in Scotland explaining how Scotland would be particularly susceptible to the rapid onset global cooling that has occurred numerous times around 10,000 years after the end of the ice age. As you … Continue reading

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Results of Greenhouse effect quiz so far

Thanks everyone who answered the quiz “Do you understand the greenhouse effect?” The initial result showing the distribution of scores for the 35 people who have completed the test is above. To give an idea of what results mean, the … Continue reading

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Friday Sceptic Quiz

Obviously I’ve been far too hard with the previous quiz (Do you understand the Greenhouse effect?). So to compensate, I’ve created one that doesn’t require any expert knowledge: [WATU 3]

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Quiz: Do you understand the greenhouse effect?

There’s also a fun quiz about well known sceptics & similar subjects here: Quiz: Just for fun [WATU 2]

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Does El Nino cause volcanoes – or do volcanoes cause El Nino?

True to form Anders has commented that ” A recent paper by Lehner et al. shows that all large eruption since 1951 coincided with El NiƱo events.” Of course he completely fails to realise the importance of this and then … Continue reading

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Is the El Nino over?

Earlier this year I proclaimed “this year global cooling”. As usual I was hedging my bets because that claim would be true even if only started to see significant cooling in December. However, looking at the latest El Nino report, … Continue reading

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A complete description of factors affecting global temperature

Following yesterday’s article about lapse rate I was frustrated by what I left out. So as a mental exercise, I set myself the challenge of putting down something about all the major things that affect climate and particularly global temperature. … Continue reading

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Can variations in lapse rate & cloud cover explain ice-age temperature changes and the inter-glacial "hard stop"?

I woke up this morning thinking about the most fundamental issue of climate: If the temperature of the earth is set by the blackbody radiation temperature of the earth … and that is fixed in turn by the sun … … Continue reading

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Wanted: an average woman (in the nude with hands up)

For reasons too daft to admit in public, I am engaged in some pretty water breaking research from the Roman period. However, I have run into problems (and whilst my PC repairs itself from a crash) I thought I’d take … Continue reading

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