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The BBC and Guardian – their reaction to Trump & Brexit is soooo comical

I’ve broken my vow of not watching the BBC for a few days to watch their reaction to the fact Brexit is going ahead and the Trump inauguration. And to my delight I’ve found myself laughing every time I watch. … Continue reading

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The evil morality of the EU

For a long time I’ve suspected that the only reason the EU continues to grow, is not because being in the EU is fundamentally better than being outside, but instead, the EU penalises countries on its borders, denying them historic … Continue reading

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Final proof that "New 'scientist'" is just a political campaigning rag mag?

  I saw this article appear on Resisting Trump: How women can protect reprod¬≠uctive rights New Scientist THE Climate forecast for the next four years is bleak. Donald Trump notori¬≠ously tweeted in 2012 that global warming was a hoax … Continue reading

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1 day to go till T-Day

OK, it’s 1day 23 hours and 57 minutes … but who’s counting?

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PPI, PFI & now the scandal of wind

PPI was a scheme where companies sold financial products to individuals knowing that many would be unable to claim under the terms of the product. PFI, is a scheme whereby government put government borrowing off the government accounts by agreeing … Continue reading

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Guardian'a mind meltdown to mush

I’m not sure at one point I stopped caring what the Guardian wrote. I think it was quite a long time before they finally banned my comments (for repeating that there had been no warming and all the models got … Continue reading

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A quick summary of "global warming" & Climate Change

This is a quick summary of global warming and climate change I prepared to help someone with their school project. What is Climate Change & Global Warming Climate change refers to any change of the climate including getting wetter or … Continue reading

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ARghhhhh! 12 more hours with Obama!!

As the whole of the arena of climate is about to be overturned when Trump becomes president, there seemed to be little to say except to repeat the countdown. Then I realised something was odd – and I tracked the … Continue reading

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A triple hit for alarmists: Trump, La Nina and AMO

For some time, I’ve been using the assumption that there’s an approximately 60 year long cycle in the climate corresponding to the AMO (Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation). This is not so much because I have a high confidence there is a … Continue reading

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10 days till T-day

or a scam built on nothing but hot air and fraudulent data, what surprises me, is the total lack of understanding from the alarmists as to how Trump can so easily destroy the monster. Instead, we’ve had articles like one … Continue reading

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