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Politicians in Contempt of Democracy

In a democracy, there is only one court that should judge political decisions such as whether a PM was right to prorogue a rat’s nest of treacherous MPs, and that is the court of public opinion. For three years now … Continue reading

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Energy price: the effect on the ratio of tangible/intangible

Introduction: tangible versus intangible In my last three articles on this subject: The value of fish The value of fish II The value of fish III I developed a way to value “fish”, meaning goods which had to be obtained … Continue reading

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Breaking the law of thermodynamics (energy only moves from hot to cold)

It is commonly cited by those who do not understand thermodynamics that IR energy (which they falsely call heat) can only move from a hot to a cold body. Life is too short to try to explain why IR energy … Continue reading

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What happened? The revolution cometh!

If there was an agreement for an election, it wasn’t on Monday … or more likely the lying deceptive, dishonest, anti-democrats of Labour reneged. Scum Politicians All our politicians are lying scum. Some blatantly lied when they promised to take … Continue reading

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Unravelling the bluff and double-bluff of British Politics

To start the analysis at the end, last night about 1:30am I was sitting in my dressing gown with my first beer, ready for an all night session of cheering on philabusterers in the #HouseOflords reading tweets like this: Lord … Continue reading

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Groupthink alternatives

This was such a good comment from jdgalt on wuwt that I decided to grab it for my own use. We are starting to see plentiful competition with most of these. Instead of Google use DuckDuckGo or even Bing; instead … Continue reading

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7 hours of political drama – I never thought I could think lower of remainers

Yesterday, I watched parliament live for about 7 hours. During that time the government of Boris Johnson explained in great details all it was doing to see Brexit through. How it had made arrangements for drugs, for freight at ports … Continue reading

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Twitter political censorship in operation

The wholesale political censorship against a standing president now being operated by Twitter is just breathtaking in its audacity. Here’s a link to the tweet (which will undoubtedly disappear): Here’s the video @Twitter deleted from my feed 2 separate times. … Continue reading

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The lie of one-dimensional politics

Left and right are false concepts of the authoritarian groupthink socialists who see the world as “them and us” and it is one of the biggest lies of the fake media era of the past century. So, I’m getting increasingly … Continue reading

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For 40 years we in the UK have been kept prisoner in the Nazi fascist EU almost single handedly by the Biased Corp. Indeed, it is because the power of the fascists in society are waning, that we finally got … Continue reading

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