How is the Tory party’s nodding through Net Zero without even a proper debate going?

I don’t usually just copy-n-paste, but this time the headlines tell their own story. Just to recap for those with short memories: Net Zero was sold by Soros (whose actions always do something the Russians love), as this wonderful no-brainer policy that everyone loved and everyone had to agree would just happen, no problems. As a result, the Tories, and Labour, simply nodded the legislation through without any proper debate. Legislation that forced them to end the fossil fuel economy that had made the world so fantastic for us, and replace it with an “economy” that no one had a clue how to make it work and even those who thought it could be done, admitted was going to cost an eye watering amount. (At a time of record debts and uncontrolled spending)

So, how’s it going? Not very well by the sound of it! And this is still very much the opening stages and the costs just begin to skyrocket from here on!

1) Rishi Sunak rules out Net Zero referendum
The Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2023

2) Remember this? David Cameron rules out referendum on whether Britain should stay in EU
The Guardian, 2 October 2011

3) Net Zero splits Tory Party as Rishi Sunak faces backlash from both sides
The Times, 14 August 2023
4) Rishi Sunak to offer MPs a vote on electric cars to try and appease Tory anger at Net Zero
iNews, 16 August 2023
5) China will dominate the global green tech industry well into the 2030s
South China Morning Post, 17 August 2023
6) David Blackmon: There is no green ‘transition’ to renewable energy. China and India are playing us for fools
The Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2023

7) High gas prices precursor to winter European energy crisis, experts warn
Brussels Times, 16 August 2023
8) Why the Montana climate change lawsuit ruling is total bunk
Editorial, New York Post, 15 August 2023
9) ESG cheerleaders are suddenly pivoting and and running for cover
Fox News, 15 August 2023

10) Thade Andy: We have a censorship crisis, not a climate crisis
Gript, 16 August 2023
11) Susan Crockford: Climate activists are silent on polar bears because their doom-mongering blew up in their faces
Polar Bear Science, 8 August 2023

12) Brendan O’Neill: The return of animal sacrifice
Spiked, 17 August 2023

13) Connor O’Keefe: Thanks to an incompetent government, Maui’s Lahaina fire became a deadly conflagration
Mises Institute, 16 August 2023

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