The end of dollar dominance

It has been obvious to me for a while, that Russia’s response to the US aggression against the people of Donbas was not primarily military. The US, or at least some people in power in the US, envisaged that a humiliating defeat for Putin would enable them to install yet another US-controlled puppet leader in Russia. Their only purpose for the mass death in Ukraine was to achieve that humiliating defeat of Putin and put to an end, the only country still able to stand up to US aggression. That would allow them to plunder Russian oil and other assets as they did to Iraq, are doing to Syria and have done to many many other countries. What was going to happen to Russia was also going to be a message to every other country that might think of escaping the control of the US.


However, the US completely and utterly failed in Ukraine. Never have the “intelligence” agencies been so undeserving of that name. For a start, they had no idea about the very in depth preparations the Russians had been doing for years. They imagined that their funding of Nazi terror groups in Ukraine had been totally missed. They imagined that just because a few Ukrainians hated Russians, that every Ukrainian would hate Russians. (Most Ukrainians, even now, have far more love for Russia than even for their other neighbours let alone the meddling deceitful arrogant USians).

Putin, and he surely is key in this defeat of the US, played right to their delusions. He created the illusion of a Russia economy that was just about to fail, a Russian military that couldn’t sustain a war for even a couple of weeks against a much inferior foe like Ukraine. He created the illusion that Russia was rent with divisions. And, so the USians imagined that when Russia withdrew from it’s apparent attack on Kiev, that it was already defeated and Putin would soon go and their puppet be installed. In reality, that attack was merely a feint to allow Russia to secure Mariopol and thereby take the land corridor to Ukraine. And, it put Russia in an almost unassailable position of strength from which the US was incapable of prizing them.

What was next in the “Russian war of aggression”? As the controlled media of the west so laughingly put it. It was for Russia to act defensively. To show the world that it was fighting for the people of Donbas and Lugansk and that they were committed to be part of Russia and not Ukraine. Seen from the perspective of the rest of the world that had seen the USSR break up peacefully, the constant war crimes by the US & Zelensky against Russian speaking civilians for 8 years, was more than enough justification for them to leave the US controlled sphere and gain their own independence as many of them had likewise achieved.

Best of all, the Russians were clearly winning … unless your only source of news was the delusional codswallop of the western controlled media.


In 2014 we heard from of all papers, the Guardian, how Russia was funding green groups who were attacking UK energy independence. At the time, I recognised that they were not doing it for any benign reasons. I supposed it was as a general attack to undermine the western economies. Then I started to see how the west was becoming increasingly reliant on Russian gas, and it seemed pretty obvious that that made a war with Russia very difficult for the EU and UK.

Later, I realised that the USSR involvement in trade unions in Britain had actually triggered the end of UK coal … ironically seen by many Tories as a “great victory” (LOL) What? Destroying your most valuable asset for war: an independent energy supply, a great victory!! The people who rejoiced were, and still are, totally utterly delusional – and no doubt still running MI5 and MI6.

Strangely … well not …. 2014 happens to be when the US overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine, by such evil acts such as hiring mercenaries to shoot both protestors and police, and installed their own puppet US controlled government in Ukraine. They then started shelling Russian speaking civilians in a deliberate attempt to provoke Russia to respond, whereupon the US hoped to repeat their success in Ukraine and install their own puppet in Russia.

So, we know Putin was preparing for 2020 at least by 2014, and, indeed, given the US hostility against Russia, there will have been ongoing preparations for war with the US from the time of the USSR.


But of all the master strokes, the one that the Russians did best, was to encourage the west to impose sanctions, especially the theft of money & goods for no other reason that they happened to have a Russian passport. I do not know how the Russians encouraged the idiots in the west to impose these insane sanctions, but I know they must have encouraged them in some way, as the result was critical to the Russian objective: it totally undermined all confidence in western banking by the key people. Every single leader outside the US poodle states of the EU, knowing that at any point the US could install a new more compliant leader in their country, had naturally secured away a safety net in some western bank. Suddenly, that securing disappeared, and now they needed to find a new safe place for their money away from the grasping hands of US and US-poodle bankers.

Which also meant, that they needed to stop using the dollar for official transactions so that they could cream off their “safety net”.

It didn’t help that the US and its poodles had thrown away centuries of rule-based legal tradition during covid, and imposed whatever laws and rules that they wanted during covid, nor that they had looked totally mad treating a bad flu like the end of the world. If the rules based system of law had gone, there was no knowing what the US and its poodles would do next.

As importantly, every country, whether their leader was stashing away a safety net or not, outside the US and its poodles, now saw how using the US dollar was making them susceptible to similar sanctions, and, unlike Russia, they couldn’t withstand such actions. Which meant they were FORCED by the insane US and its poodles to stop using the dollar.

The insanity of the sanctions are beyond belief. They had almost no impact on the Russian economy, as they have been widely bypassed by acts as simple as mixing Russian oil with a few drops of oil from elsewhere, yet they totally and utterly undermined the credibility of the dollar as “the” global currency.

The Fall of the Dollar

A few simple facts:

  • The US (& most of its poodles) has a massive public debt, of which a huge amount is fraudulently hidden from the public.
  • The US (& its poodles), probably encouraged by Russian funded NGOs, is set on the destruction of its own fossil fuel economy to achieve the religious heaven, and economic hell of “Net Zero”.
  • The US & its poodles have lost the manufacturing capability necessary to fight a long war … whereas the Russians are now proven experts.
  • The US & its poodles are beset with social division as everything from race to sex has been abused to encourage division, hatred and strife
  • The US & no doubt its poodles are increasingly rigging elections … and the public know it. And once that happens support for government tumbles
  • The US & its poodles destroyed their own economies, their supposed culture of “human rights”, scientific integrity and a lot else by insanely labelling a Corona virus (aka the common cold) as an end of world plague.
  • The US & particularly its poodles, are wrecking their own economies by “sanctioning” Russia (much to the amusement of Russians)
  • The US & its poodles are now spending enormous amounts of money on their aggression against Russia and in supporting the dead economy of Ukraine, which, will not just remain a burden during their aggression against Russia, but will continue to be a burden TO THEM long after.

I have to admit it: whilst I think a lot of the stupidity of recent decades is undoubtedly home grown, I suspect it has also had a lot of support from outside. Was this “fair”, no, but neither was the US murdering Russian speaking civilians in Ukraine for eight years merely to provoke Russia into a war the US thought it would wn.


With the economy and social integrity wrecked, one of the few things that still kept the western economies afloat, was the banking and financial sector. A sector that was so rich and influential that in many senses the west had become a service economy for the bankers.

But, how do bankers earn their money? The simple answer is that they don’t. Instead, they create a cartel whereby other people who do earn their money cannot trade unless they put their money through the banking system, and then the bankers cream off 1-2% for doing nothing except allowing others to use their banking services. Of course, with computers replacing people in the banks, it is eye wateringly profitable. But, using the principle of trickle down economics, the eye watering profits of the bankers had to be spent somewhere, so the services that they bought employed other people. And, these people in turn employed others. And they all need food, cars, etc. so yet more people were employed.


This economic model, whereby the parasitic bankers suck out the blood of the economy and somehow feed the economy as well, isn’t quite the paradise it seems. Because if the parasitic bankers were only taking from the US (and likewise in the poodle economies), they would suck the economy dry. So, to make the parasitic US economy work, they need not just the USians to bank with the bankers, but the rest of the world to bank with the USĀ  (& its poodle) bankers.


That is why the petro dollar was so important. Back in the day when the US decided to keep its economy afloat by printing money, and so had to ditch the link between the dollar and gold, confidence in the dollar was going to disappear. It need to be able to assure people that if they banked in dollar banks, that they could always be assured of converting their dollars to something else. That it achieved by getting Saudi Arabia to agree to only accept dollars for its oil. That meant that the dollar would always have value, and that in turn is what led to the dollar becoming the global reserve currency.


And so, that is how the dollar banks became the default place to bank. Because if the dollar is the global reserve currency, then naturally the place to deal in dollars is dollar dealing banks and that in turn meant that dollar dealing banks of the US (and some poodles like the UK), became the means to do business globally. That in turn meant the US commodity exchange markets, the US/UK insurance markets, investments, pensions, etc., they all rode the coat tails of the dollar as the de facto currency of global commerce.

And, that meant that the US bankers, and everyone else, could impose the business terms that suited them, which is why we are all heavily fleeced as 1-2% of almost every transaction goes as the bankers cut for doing nothing more than having a computer increment one account and decrement another. And, they do it almost every time we spend money (although they hide their cut by taking it from businesses who simply pass on the cost to us consumers as higher prices).

In reality, the true cost of doing business today is probably closer to 0.2% rather than the 2% bankers aim for. And, remember, that 2% is taken away from your employer when they pay you, it is taken away from the shop when you buy from them, it is taken away from the builder who builds the premises of the shop or your house, it is taken away from so many transactions that it soon mounts up to an enormous parasitic drain of the economy. But, amongst the US and its poodles, a lot of that money was then spent in the economy. But, for everyone else globally, it was just a drain on their economy to the US and its poodles.

That is primarily the reason the US has managed to sustain its global position. By protecting the position of the dollar which protected the business of its parasitic bankers who over many decades have sucked the global economy dry and funnelled the wealth to the US.


Ditching the dollar is not going to suddenly end the dominance of the US. It might suddenly precipitate a massive recession in the US as confidence in the US disappears, but the global dominance of the US has put many US companies in a global position of dominance and that dominance will remain whether or not the dollar is the global currency.

However, that dominnace is now going to fade. But the rate of fading will vary depending on how much they needed that dollar dominance. In particular, those parasitic companies making obscene profits because foreign traders were forced to use them, like the bankers, insurers and various brokers, are going to really suffer. Without a need to use the dollar, there is no need for your money to go anywhere near the US, and if it doesn’t go anywhere near the US, the opportunity for the financial parasites of the US to take a cut disappears.

That does not directly impact other sectors of the US (and poodle) economies, but as the bankers and financiers start becoming far less profitable, so does the wealth generated by these sectors and so does their spending in the rest of the economy. So does the ability to invest . Money will become tight.


Russia knows the US and its poodles are in a very precarious position economically. How much of that is their own fault and how much did Russia, by various means, encourage it, is a matter for debate, but that they are on an economic precipice is not. However being on the edge does not necessarily mean you fall over. But with so many other problems coming together at this time, it really does not look like the US economy can survive the global move to ditch the dollar without a big recession. Some are suggesting a 30% reduction in the size of the US economy, which if it happens by a short term run on the dollar is going to look pretty spectacular.

However, much of the impact will take quite some time to filter through the system. People are creatures of habit, and confidence takes time to build up. So, even if the US banking system crashes, that does not in itself create more confidence in non-dollar banks and financial institutions. But, as they grow at the expense of the dollar banks, that will create confidence. Likewise, the dominance of US companies is there because of historic dominance. But, with non-dollar competitors having the advantage of their own growing home market, and US companies with a declining one, US companies will be at a severe disadvantage and eventually the dominance of US companies will cease. Likewise, as the US economy shrinks and others grow, the ability of the US to afford its military spending will decline and so the dominace of the US military will likewise decline. Some things will happen quickly, others will take as much as a century to feed through, but the end of the dollar is the most significant economic event most people have ever seen in their lifetime.

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