looking for sanity in the insanity, lies and deceit

There is no doubt about it, I was right when I predicted we’d have another period of insanity due to the internet, akin to the witch trial insanity that arose after the uptake of printing and the new way that spread information and views.

Obviously, I first spotted the trend in the climate insanity, where hysteria was now relabelled “science” and where it became not just acceptable, but a requirement, to fake the temperature data and so trends.

Then we had covid, which can basically be summed up by the fact that the death rate, when we take account of the age profile, was lower than every year before 2008. It was a pretty normal few years … during which people went utterly totally and completely bonkers.

Then we had Ukraine, where the press just went utterly insane. They genuinely seem to believe that they can win the war by lying … whilst Putin does what it was clear he was always going to do, largely unaffected by the press’ rants. I’m waiting for the press to tell us that Putin is a transvestite child molester … because they’ve made up every other conceivable lie about the war so far. The best one runs like this. First article: “Putin is going to invade London”, Second article “Putin is losing the war because he didn’t invade London”. Third article: the Russian people are up in arms because Putin failed to invade London. Meanwhile the Ruble is as high against the dollar as its been for several years, the Russians are spared all the woke capitulists … it sound like paradise! I  have to keep reminding myself that there are many things that I don’t like about Russia.

Putin funding green groups

Let’s not forget the biggest insanity of Ukraine: if Putin had not been funding the UK Green groups who managed to end our fossil fuel production so that we became reliant on Russia, then we wouldn’t now be in a position where we can do almost nothing about Ukraine without risking the collapse of our economy when Putin shuts off the oil and gas, that we would need to fight a war against Putin. And, who were the people most responsible for pushing the green non-science …the same utter morons in the press and academic who are demanding “something be done” about Ukraine. Putin must be laughing at them.


And then along came MoneyPox. Much of the internet is filled with “I told you they were going to release the next phase of the global depopulation agenda of Ming the Moron of the World Economic Fascists” … however, they do have a point. With so much proven insanity going around, whose to say that Ming the moron, might not have world depopulation on his agenda as well (although obviously being a moron, any plan will be as successful as any economic professor’s plan ever is).

Then, we have the incident where infected apes, infected some lady in the US. And the US biolabs, supposedly doing gain of function research in Ukraine. If we didn’t already know that Fauci funded the Wuhan gain of function research and then tried to hide his criminality, it would all fit better is a comedy of errors. If someone is not deliberately stoking up the rumour mill … what a coincidence!

And, let’s not forget the pox of Big Pharma, who see yet more money potential from the mass sale of useless jabs**.

Looking for Sanity

There is no doubt that large chunks of the west are just totally doolally … the unfortunate thing, is trying to work out who is doolally and who are just odd. A safe bet is that the press are bonkers … likewise academia whose touch with reality was proven to be very flimsy long ago.

But how much of the craziness on the internet, is Russian, Chinese, CIA, Ming the Moron, tricker, fascist book, etc. lying bots in overdrive, and how much is the utterly crazy truth of the modern world trying to be heard?

At a time of utter craziness
… even the truth looks bonkers

Ok, the truth is now hidden under so much dishonest junk that if it were a pair of socks, I’d wear sandals. Because trying to work out who is now telling the truth, has become as complex as n-dimensional chess (where n>4). However, the good news, is that people are increasingly aware of how much they are being lied to. Indeed, it is now being accepted without question, that much of what we hear is blatant lies, even if we don’t know which part is actually lies.

So, unless the intention of the lies was to reduce confidence in our society (which is I admit a very possible intention … especially of the Chinese funding woke Universities), the lies are starting to fail. People are starting to become resistant to the lies, and, so lying is starting to be ineffective. People know that “fact checkers” are dishonest, they know that journalists lie, they know that politicians lie, people know that social media filters and what isn’t filtered is often a lying bot. Their lies are no longer working.

Paradoxically, that may represent the first shoots of sanity … the recovery of “truth” that has occurred after previous information revolutions, but which was not certain to occur this time (we could have been locked into a perpetual 1984 big brother scenario with the evil Google replacing Big Brother).

A warning

So, I think I see the bright shoots of a new honest future where global warming, Ming the morons, are not trying to depopulate the world using the common cold. However, there is another possible interpretation … that I too am becoming deluded and less sceptical. (Arrgghh!)

So, what if Ming the Moron were actually intent of world depopulation? What if this “lull” is just the lull before the storm, and what if the power of Big-Brother Google were now so strong, their lies now genuinely look like the truth. (Arrgghh!)

Personally, I think things are still likely to get worse before they get better. I think the ability of insanity to spread like a virus on social media due to the ongoing repression of sceptics, makes it inevitable that we will see an even worse episode of utterly bonkers behaviour that will make Covid, Ukraine and Climate hysteria combined, look like a spat at a tea party.

Indeed, the one thing I can be pretty certain about (given my past behaviour … although not for Ukraine), is that I will am likely to initially go along with it. So abandon hope … at least for a while and …

Bring in the clowns and let rip the morons of history

**Just to recap, the jab was useless and didn’t bring down overall deaths, the lockups were useless and didn’t bring down deaths and guess what … the muzzles were extremely effective, but only in spreading the terror and ending free speech, medically they were useless. Better still, there are still enormous numbers who genuinely believe the jab worked, the lockup was a good idea and the muzzles were “fashionable” … like knickerbocker were!

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