The New Normal

I heard on the grapevine that allegedly Scotland is back to “normal” … which I suppose means the SNP are being as nasty as ever but now without their muzzles.

As I went out delivering leaflets yesterday for the Freedom Alliance party, things seemed to be much the same … except no one trusts the press or politicians. And, it’s not the old “they always lie”, it’s a new: “they are intentionally deceiving us” and a feeling they are constantly attacking us.

I think it’s because as people slowly wake up to the fact that the lockup had no benefit, the masks were almost useless and the jab INCREASED transmissions and did not reduce the overall death rate, the one loser from the last couple of years, is the reputation of the Old Mainstream Media and Old parties (and I include SNP has Old and discredited parties). None of them stood up for our rights, for science or the truth. They all just loved the Totalitarianism.

However, I will be honest, I think this election, the biggest impact is that a huge chunk of people, just won’t be able to bring themselves to vote for anyone. And, being told by the lying press to vote for parties intend on putting up fuel costs and further destroying our lives through general price rises is not going to make anyone love the OMSM more.

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