The end of the age of democracy

In the 1970s there was a infamous Sun headline: “It was the Sun Wot won it”, referring to their appallingly dishonest electioneering which they blatantly admitted had manipulated people to vote for a party they otherwise would not have done so.

That, was at a time, when there were relatively few newspapers and TV channels and when it was extremely expensive to create an alternative paper or channel by which to get your voice heard. As a result, almost the entire political dialogue was carried out BY JOURNALISTS in THEIR PAPERS. The public were to a very large degree, just bystanders to the debate. And as a result, the subjects focussed on at elections were overwhelmingly the subjects that journalists wanted to discuss. And the press were totally silent on the subjects they didn’t want discussed like the EU or immigration.

Then, along came the internet, blogs, social media and the cost of an ordinary person like me getting their voice heard, became relatively trivial. For a number of years, free speech flourished, such that we started to talk about the EU and we got a vote to leave. We started to talk about immigration, so that political parties had to pretend to take it seriously.

Then, about 5 years ago (2015), Google decided to start downrating sites (like this) which carried scientific evidence & valid interpretations which it did not want the public to hear. Clearly that had nothing to do with the science, because science is decided by the facts. Instead, it was a blatant repression of facts that it didn’t want heard, and purely for political, not scientific reasons. The result was that whereas one month I could easily find an article on this website, the next month it became impossible to find the same article on this website, despite knowing exactly what to search for. More importantly, it meant that no one could find any article on this website, or would any article be randomly suggested to someone, unless all other websites had been searched and nothing else could be offered, and even then many would not appear. Then the same started happening on facebook and twitter.

This year, we saw the most blatantly corrupt election in US history. That corruption involved the removal of Trump supporting accounts from Twitter and facebook, the downrating to 1/10 or less of pro-Trump posts and the downrating of Google of pro-Trump newservices and websites so that on any subject the pro-Biden lies would appear first. And they were lies, because hiding the scandal of Bidens corruption meant the US electorate were lied to about the character of Biden. Not only that, but we now know that there has been vote rigging on an industrial scale with 10s or even 100s of thousands of fraudulent Biden votes being added in some areas. And, of course, the blatantly dishonest media, google, facebook, twitter, etc., are now trying to repress that news as well.

Welcome to the Big Brother World

The simple truth, is that whereas the Sun used to be extremely dishonest in its political campaigning, it could only ever do that it a very “blunderbuss” approach and only then to a fraction of the country because there were many other papers.

But, today, Google controls the overwhelming majority of searches that people make, and therefore what sites they find. Google controls the overwhelming majority of online video content through YouTube. And Google controls an enormous number of smart phones and through map apps and other things, it knows more about individuals than they know about themselves.

So, Unlike the Sun, which could produce one article for its limited readership, today Google and effectively tailor make your information stream to tailor its content to change your mind about the world you think is around you.

Likewise, Twitter and Face book are doing the same. In particular, there is very little doubt that they are targetting journalists and politicians, because these accounts are extremely lucrative for lobby organisations. So they will pay extremely well, to ensure that politicians and journalists have the posts that they want them to see, prominently displayed when these people go to their accounts. Likewise, Big Tech by knowing where these people go, also know who they regularly meet, and so it can also ensure, that not only do the journalists and politicians see the world in the way they want them to see it, but also their close friends, families and colleagues.

Now, imagine the technique they are using on these high-profile individual starts being used for every person connected to the internet. That we all get a tailor made view of the world, apparently being offered random websites – that just happen to fit in with what Google knows is most likely to convince us to buy a particular brand, or particular political party. Tailor made advertising designed to play on our fears and desires to turn us to vote for one politician or party over another.

Now, imagine what such a company will do, if ever a political party puts in its manifesto a commitment to reign in big tech companies. They will not just fund journalists to write incessant hate speech to denigrate the party and members in the eyes of the electorate (as they did to Trump), but they will also ensure that at every opportunity, we find that such hate-filled Big-Tech collaborator promoting articles and websites are consistently the ones we “find” and that those presenting the truth are buried so that they become almost impossible to find by chance.

The vicious cycle

But, if you are reading this, you are viewing this argument from the perspective of someone with an open mind. But now imagine, that for many years all you have had is this never ending brainwashing from Big Tech. But not only you, your family, your friends, your work colleagues, have all been subject to the same Goebbels style “Big Lie” repeated so often and so blatantly that they become accepted as the consensus “truth”. But, that also occurs to Google employees themselves. And now that there is a new “truth”, they are prepared to push the envelope even further. That in turn creates a new distorted version of the truth, which eventually even Google themselves believe. Now, they push the envelope even further.

Can’t happen? Well look at covid and how a bug that is as deadly as many flus, came to be treated in a totally insane way which has never ever been proposed for similarly deadly flus. It can, it does and it has happened. As US election shows, a blatantly corrupt politician with no redeeming attributes and who clearly is in collusion with Big tech has a very good chance of flooding the election with fraudulent votes until he wins. And once he wins, there is NO CHANCE AT ALL that he will take action against Big Tech, who will then use the same evil tactics as they used in the US election to rig EVERY SINGLE MAJOR POLITICAL CONTEST WORLDWIDE.

We are already in the Big Brother Google world.
It cannot be stopped.

The vast majority of people and especially politicians and journalists are now just puppets dancing to Big Techs tune.

Democracy is now an illusion where people imagine they freely chose to vote for the party Google and other Big Tech chose for them.

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