Plan to tackle CV19 sent out 15th March (before lockup)

Press Release

For release: 00:00AM (GMT) 15th March 2020

We can beat coronavirus: we need to turn and face it.

A tsunami of infection is about to swamp our health services if we allow it. We cannot beat it if we all hide; like a ship our society & economy will be swamped if we attempt to run away, instead we must have the courage to turn to face it.

The vast majority of young people have nothing to fear from CV19 except the chaos in our health services caused as older people swamp that service leaving nothing for the young. So those most responsible for this destructive tsunami, must isolate ourselves, to give the maximum chance to those younger people for whom CV19 poses the least risk to “take it on the chin” and power their way through the CV wave by heading towards it: letting or perhaps even encouraging them to get the virus while our health services are relatively free of cases from others.

They will suffer least interruption to their lives, they will then keep the economy going, the food deliveries to those in isolation, whilst generation by generation, the rest of us can rejoin and take our chances from CV19, albeit higher than the young.

Notes for Editors

  • Young people under 50 are likely to represent 10% of all demand on the health care services and that can be reduced significantly by isolating the few people in this group who have pre-existing illnesses making them susceptible.
  • Whilst still difficult, present health services could cope with just those under 50 who get CV19
  • Young people under 50 who under this plan can carry on much as normal, make up about 70% of the workforce.
  • People over 70 are likely to create around half of the workload on the health services and represent less than 1% of the working population
  • There is very little risk to children and to young parents, so there is very little rationale in a “lock down” that closes schools or in other ways curtails their future life prospects.
  • A full plan may entail other measures to reduce demand on the NHS such as limiting the sale of alcohol & reducing speed limits to reduce demand on A&E.
  • In April 2015 there were 31.05million employed.

Detailed Plan: Plan

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