7 hours of political drama – I never thought I could think lower of remainers

Yesterday, I watched parliament live for about 7 hours. During that time the government of Boris Johnson explained in great details all it was doing to see Brexit through. How it had made arrangements for drugs, for freight at ports for food, how EU citizens had a simple procedure to get to stay in the country, basically it was all anyone could want from a caring government that had very strong plans to get us through the transition and out of the EU.

And then along came the treacherous remainer MPs who had promised to get us out the EU. And one after one they just blatantly lied. “There will be a major calamnity becauseĀ  (all?) drugs would be unavailable”, “EU citizens will be kicked out”, etc. ALL BLANTANT LIES. It was clear where the press stories came from … the blatant lies of the remainers.

Then came the big drama.

Bercow, who legally should be impartial (like the Biased Corp) was clearly hell bent on breaking his own rulings to use a war-footing time precedent to allow MPs who had voted to leave with no deal (as that is what they all voted for a few years ago), who had had years to pass legislation to block leaving, years of talk about talks about leaving, now Bercow allowed an emergency procedure for them to block all chances of a brexit deal on the pretence that after years of sitting on their fat arses lying about their intentions, that they now needed to pass emergency legislation to block brexit.

The only reason they had to use emergency procedures is because they had lost!

As we know, Boris lost that vote … as seemed inevitable given the number of traitorous remainers in parliament, … but then came the “elephant trap” as Blair had told his own side: Boris said he would now table a motion for an election.

You’ve got to hand it to Boris. He’s clearly played Corbyn like a muppet. By asking for a perfectly normal procedure of a new queen’s speech he forced the lying Corbyn to get the treacherous Bercow to make-up parliamentary procedures and prove the remainer MPs never had any intention of letting us leave and that “no no deal” and then never voting for a deal, was just their way of stopping us leaving. Then he goes for the killer and perfectly understandable “back me or sack me” motion which is quite normal when a government loses a critical vote, that left Corbyn looking like the utter lying, two-faced, unprincipled, scared-to-fight-an-election twat that he is.

And best of all, it gave Boris the excuse to rid of his party of the worst EU traitors.

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