How to survive the Climate Cult

To put it simply, the age of rationalism is over and we are now in the age of the brainwashed crazy climate cult. As a direct result, the UK is now heading toward a self-inflicted >30 year recession, the like of which will make every other recession look like a picnic.

This post, is simply me trying to work out what practically I can do to minimise the effects on me and those around me.


Realistically, the brainwashed zombies who push the climate cult in government and academia, are now so dead to rational argument that it is pointless trying to engage with them. We live in what I think is the best climate that most people on earth have ever experienced but our brainwashed moronic politicians now reject rational thought and call that almost ideal climate an “emergency”. That would be laughable, if it didn’t mean they wanted to commit economic, social and almost certainly environmental suicide (as we won’t be able to afford to do anything about the environment).

I’ve seen this brainwashing on some members of my extended family, and as a result, whilst I’ve managed to stop myself being subject to the brainwashing of those like the BBC, I know it is utterly futile trying to snap the cult members out of their daydream. It is not possible to stop this car crash happening. Instead, the only rational thing to do, is to accept the driver of the vehicle is a crazed nutter who is deliberately heading as fast as they can into a proverbial tree, accept that they cannot be stopped, and instead concentrate what is best for me and those around me to avoid the consequences of the car crash.


  1. Financial – realistically, the future now looks pretty bleak with 30 years of depression (as a start). Pensions are likely to be worthless by the end of it, other welfare will be none existent and everything we thought would be free (like health care) will be costing us. The big question is where to invest our money which will be protected from the massive tax grab that will soon be upon us? The other key is shedding all long term costs so that we can live as frugally as possible and therefore suffer the least when the financial crises happen.
  2. Law and Order – I would suggest given how society deteriorated during the Thatcher years, which will be a picnic by comparison, that we are more or less looking at something like a South African situation developing. Anyone who still has any wealth could beĀ  prey to marauding gangs as the police who have no funding left are powerless to do anything. On the bright side, though, these gangs won’t afford to travel any further than anyone else. So, there could very well be extremely localised pockets of extreme violence – not that far from “safe” areas.
  3. Health – well we can kiss the NHS goodbye.
  4. End of freedom of speech – is already happening.
  5. Extreme political parties in government – almost certain.

Realistically there is a huge threat (as we already see with Tommy Robinson) that anyone who has the courage to state a view contrary to the brainwashed orthodoxy is likely to spend time in jail.


  1. Emigration
    I would say that was the best option, if it weren’t for the fact that the climate crazies are now in almost every country (except perhaps Russian and China who are no doubt giving our crazies as much help as they can). Yes, the UK now seems to be leading the proverbial lemmings over the cliff, but there’s no reason to believe the rest of the deluded politicians worldwide won’t follow. Short of leaving planet earth (not a viable option yet), it may be better the crazy devils we know than the ones we don’t.
  2. Downsizing
    The cost of living is going to sky rocket. As such, whatever we can do to reduce our long-term ongoing expenses will be a huge factor in securing our future.
  3. Living in a non-monetary economy
    In the 1970s we saw massive inflation in the Labour years. then Thatcher controlled money. But recently the Tories went back to the Labour ways of “quantitative easing”. It’s not a big step from that to hyper-inflation – and in a world where rationalism is rejected, it certainly is likely that we will experience several hyperinflation events. So money, as it is now, is not going to be worth anything in the future. Instead, the things that will hold value are those that costed a lot of energy to create (that means costed a lot of money now), but which are also going to be in demand in the future (so food and not luxury foreign holidays). That certainly means doing without plastic money!
  4. Extreme political parties
    We are now living in an era that is about as close to that before the Nazis came to power as I can imagine. The lunatics have started running the asylum, the press are now in collusion with those nutters, the scene has been set for extreme political viewpoints to gain power and it seems extremely likely that some kind of political party whether Green, fascist BBC, or whatever. I have no doubt the Nazi style re-education will start soon as we see kids being taken Poll Pot style away to centralised re-education camps where they are taught to tell on their parents and get them arrested. And like the Nazis, there will be no need to be worried about your life – unless you are old, sick or able to fight.
  5. WWIII
    It’s a truth seldom told, that those who claim to be most against war, usually are the ones who are first to demand military action. However, because it won’t be a rational world – it’s not predictable what absurd notion could trigger the brainwashed Climate Cult to go to war. All one can say is the climate crazies, as the economy falls apart around them, are very likely to go to war over some dumb issue.


With the climate cult having persuaded the UK politicians to commit economic suicide, the one certainty is uncertainty**. It is not possible at this moment to predict which countries will also be following the climate crazies in the UK, so emigration is not a realistic solution. But, whether, the threat is to personal liberty, extreme political parties or war, there will certainly in the future be periods of extreme risk which may only be avoided by flight. So, whilst it is not possible to emigrate to avoid the cult, when it is a lot clearer in the future which other countries are least affected by the climate cult, it will be a lot clearer where sanctuary lies. Thus the key is that when problems do arise, we are able to rapidly up-sticks and leave with as much wealth as possible.

**And that the climate cult will blame everyone else for the damage it inflicts by its irrational ideas.

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