Good riddance to Google news on

The collects together all the latest changes on blogs and presents them as a single page.  A long time ago, I included the google news feed for climate because at that time it used to include sceptic articles. But as we all know Google, like the BBC became a fake news pusher and whereas the actual news coverage was that sceptical articles had overtaken alarmist fake news – Google decided to totally change the ratio so that alarmist fake news was in the overwhelming majority (4 to 1?)
At that time, I looked for impartial alternative feeds for news, but finding none, I had little alternative than to label them as “alarmist” and treat them like all the other alarmists blogs I also collected news from.
Fortunately, however, today I got, instead of a news article “this feed is deprecated”. So, they’ve stopped supporting that feed. I think if I looked hard I might find an alternative, but to be honest I’m glad to have an excuse to stop putting google fake news onto uClimate.

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  1. TinyCO2email says:

    I agree, though the links hadn’t being going to the specific articles for a while. Google searching is getting increasingly difficult to find rare sources. I don’t mind one link from favoured sources being at the top but now you have to go through pages to get anything but duplicate links to the same sites. Grrrrrr.
    You may want to add Science Matters by Ron Clutz.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      I’ve thought about scaling up uClimate to make it a sceptic search engine – in other words I would trawl all the sites and collect all the articles and then create a searchable index of terms – really just to find all the numerous great articles that have been written. However, it is surprising just how much material is out there from sceptics. For example, I have to regularly prune the data when I’m only storing a summary paragraph. If I were to store a text-copy of not just the current pages, but all pages, I need dedicated storage.
      I could do it – but I would need a dedicated server, costing around £1000, plus a good quality internet line, and it would take perhaps 3 months to write the code (the actual search, and collect is easy, the problem is the huge amount of data and eliminating all the spurious “verbiage” you get on webpages).
      But … we aren’t just interested in sceptic material … so either I add a lot of other sites in, or I somehow integrate the sceptic list with another search engine.

  2. Ron Clutz says:

    uclimate link not working today

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