Bored of the snow – critical angle of snow

I was supposed to be going to visit in laws today, but looking at the weather we had to call off the visit again – and it’s not like we live somewhere remote – the journey is largely on motorways and what is not is heavily used suburban roads of Glasgow and Edinburgh.
So I went onto twitter – and there what did I read? Yet more rubbish about the “warmist year evah” based solely on the bogus non global temperature metrics they invented when they couldn’t keep denying the pause.
Eventually after contemplating even cleaning the oven, I remembered I wanted to see whether if like sand there was an easily produced critical angle for snow.
Here’s the angle on sand:
And here is what I managed to produce with snow:
Oops how did that get there?
No this is what I managed to produce for snow:
From this experience there are several learning points:

  1. That it’s really difficult to photo a white snow pile on a snowy path. (And that recycling bins, whilst entirely useless, do seem to make good backdrops for photos).
  2. That it takes a very long time to build even a small pile of snow using a small trowel (I didn’t want to artificially compact the snow using a large spade).
  3. That it does form the critical angle
  4. Snow is cold and it’s precipitation and it’s a bit stupid going outside without a coat as it melts and runs down your neck.


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2 Responses to Bored of the snow – critical angle of snow

  1. oldbrew says:

    “warmist year evah” – warmist?
    Anyway that claim was for last year 😉

  2. Scottish-Sceptic says:

    The day got better – we went out and threw snowballs.

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