Climate gullibles

I was struck by this headline:

Ottawa Climate March attracts thin but enthusiastic crowd

ottawa-residents-concerned-about-climate-jobs-and-justice-t2-e1493499974362I started thinking “at least some people have the will to get involved in civic life – even if they’re currently being used by big green to line their own pockets”. But then I saw this:


What a complete moron! Even when I still thought the science backed all these bird-mincers, I was still very aware that you couldn’t power a modern society without immense damage to people and wild-life through the bird/bat mincers. I knew people who had had a lifetime of a picturesque view, would have it destroyed by the massive massive eyesoars of wind. What this moron really means, is that he wants to live his life IN A CITY  because this kind of idiot only lives in cities, by forcing huge numbers of people in country WHERE HE DOES NOT LIVE to accept the more costly, less reliable far higher visual impact, massive impact on wildlife (compared to e.g. coal) energy from wind – because he’s “too smart” to do anything but gullibly accept the greenblob propaganda.
GulliblesAnd then I saw the above. The first irony I saw was the plastic globe – made from oil, and the trees benefiting from higher CO2. Then I saw that the day had clearly been super sunny – and again that is what our generation can be proud to have given to that generation of morons – cleaner skies without the dense pollution of the 1970s (job done around 2000 – so the greens were out of a job – which just happens to be when the “global warming” scare started along with the pause).
Then I began thinking about all the things it showed these morons didn’t realise from shoes made of plastics, to sun-glasses, presumably knicker elastic (if they’re not wearing diapers).
But of cause, without the industrial revolution that stems from our discovery and use of abundant fossil fuels, there wouldn’t have been anything like the current city of Ottawa. And if it weren’t for petrochemical based fertilisers, and oil based fuels to transport food, fertilisers and cotton around the world to Ottawa, we’d not have had the food to feed people, to house them and most of these people would not be alive.
I have to conclude:

being stupid is a luxury our society can only afford because of the wealth created from the ready and abundant availability of fossil-fuels

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5 Responses to Climate gullibles

  1. Dick Bachert says:

    In case you’re wondering why Algore requires such a large aircraft, it’s because he takes his ego, his banking records, several pallets of currency and 3 tons of gold coins with him wherever he goes.

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    I’m mightily bored of marchers. I’m even more bored of well funded urbanites who think all the world’s problems can be solved by whining at the government. I’m pig sick of those who think that their part is done when they’ve made their demands and that it’s somebody elses responsibility to put in the money, brain power and effort.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      The problem is the very small minority of people who go on these marches – it’s really the vast majority of people who totally disagree with these marchers and then keep voting for the same politicians who cave into this small minority.
      We have a very similar problem in our area. The politicians are constantly trying to stop people driving to the station – because some eco-fascist says it’s a good idea to stop people using cars (to drive to station – so they just drive to work all the way!!) – but we’ve had very much the same politicians returned each and every year for the last 20 years who do nothing except go along with these anti-car schemes. Everyone moans about the lack of parking – and then we get the same politicians causing the problem being returned each and every year.
      If the vast majority of people – because it is the vast majority – were just a bit more politically active, we’d totally drown out this group of eco-activists.

      • TinyCO2 says:

        Green policies seem so innocuous until you try them. Then they turn out to be expensive pains in the ass that invariably achieve nothing. Like diet pills and wishing wells, people always think that this time they’re going to work.

        • Scottish-Sceptic says:

          And note the way they’re always costed as “getting other people to pay for things you don’t think they should be doing” … but usually it turns out the Greens do the most (like plane travel).

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