Probability waves & time travel

As anyone who has read above the wave particle duality “theory” in physics will know, light is supposed to be both a photon and a wave. Likewise an electron is supposed to a particle and a wave. This is because both of them exhibit wave like behaviour but also interact as if they were particles as discrete impacts and energy transfers.
Of course it’s a load of rubbish … because in order to make the theory work, once a “photon of light” is emitted from a particle, it continues to spread out, and spread out. So, if a photon were released from the other side of the Universe it would have spread out in all directions across much of the Universe. Then supposedly billions of years later when we finally collected this “photon” in a telescope – at the very instant that the wave interacted with the molecules and it was detected in the photo-receptor of the telescope, the probability wave – which now extends across much of the universe – would collapse in an instant from the size of the universe down to the size of just one a molecule. In other words – the probability wave which now extends to the other side of the universe would know instantaneously that the “photon” had finally been captured.
However, although that’s nonsense – for now just accept it … because things get even more bizarre!!
Because not only can probability waves extend across space … they can also extend across time. That is to say, we cannot define the instant at which a particle exists. And just as we can imagine a probability wave for a particle extending across much of known space, we also have to imagine a probability wave of a particle existing across much of time. Except now, as the probability wave collapses, instead of instantaneously collapsing from across much of the Universe … it collapses from much of  possible time … and by logic …. the future.
And likewise, by this same logic – because probability waves never in theory go to zero across all time … we all exist both in the distance past and the distant future … at least if you believe the theory. And there’s always a chance we may spontaneously time travel!

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