Climate alarmism deprived of political support is like a plant deprived of CO2

If all the CO2 were removed from the atmosphere (meaning anything much less than 200ppm), plants would end up growing and fairly soon they would die without leaving any seed.
That is effectively what has happened to climate alarmism in the US. It still exists, just as the plants without CO2 could continue living on their stored energy, but the stored food will sooner or later run out, just as the public good will/grants/media interest/etc. will run out as climate alarmism is deprived of the “oxygen of publicity”.
My concern with Trump is that he may have been all talk and no action … perhaps I’m just so used to politicians breaking their promises that I was expecting Trump to do the same. But actions speak louder than words … and even I hadn’t expected to see action within minutes of him taking office (I was telling my daughter: “the first official day is monday”).
So, whilst this is not the end of climate alarmism, it is certainly the beginning of the end.

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