Where did the Democrats go wrong?

This was scheduled for tomorrow – but with news the FBI are opening the investigation into Clinton, the “mainstream” media are no longer going to be able to ignore the wikileaks and even they are going to realise she doesn’t stand a hope.
With around two weeks to the end of the US presidential election, the strategies of both parties look fairly clear. Trump is set on exposing all the corruption of the Clintons – and Clinton is set on trying to stay alive – no seriously, all the Democrats seem to have left in their closet is to try to play the racist, sexist, bigot or whatever card and pay a string of black, lesbian, disabled, Muslims to claim that Trump …
No doubt the Democrats still believe they have some card “up their sleave” (although the big question online seems to be whether there’s a pee-bag down Hilary’s trouser suit).
But – humour aside – the question that must be dawning on many establishment democrats as they see their lucrative government contracts coming under scrutiny by a non-establishment president elected to rid Washington of corruption, is “where did they go wrong”. They picked a women – the “wife” of slick Bill, who was adored by all the women (who weren’t raped by him) – what more did the US public want?
They had almost total control of the mainstream media – they had the government machinery, they had proven to all the little people that they loved blacks by having Obama – they could even drone Wikileaks if it came to it – what went wrong?
The simple answer is that Clinton was the wrong candidate. They must have known about all the allegations against her, some probably knew about her illness. They knew she was inept, had entirely the wrong character to be president – but she was a woman – and I bet their focus groups told them the US public wanted a women – one who was so corrupt, the establishment had control over her.

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