Forecast: A Trump Victory

In my last post I listed all the allegations against Hillary Clinton. But because I’m aware that I’ve been receiving an overwhelming (100%) predominance of pro-Trump (or is that anti-Clinton) tweets, I thought I should try to seek out the Democrats on twitter and find what they were saying.
Well I’m now getting pretty pissed off! Not by democrats – but by pro-Trump supporters – not because what they are saying but because there are just so many tweets pro-Trump that I’m struggling to find any real person who supports Clinton.
I did at one time think, I’d found one, when I saw a link to a video. But then having watching an appalling “as a women you should vote for Hillary because she’s a woman” video (which no juicy allegations against Trump – what a waste of time that was) … I spotted a whole host of the same tweets at the same time from a number of different accounts. So, far from being a real person, it was just a series of Bots.
That is not to say there isn’t the occasional democrat, however they are almost invariably just clicking on some link on some obsessively pro-Clinton journalist.  There’s no thought in the tweet  – so I can’t say what the people think themselves.
This effect – the overwhelming swing to one side was exactly what we saw at #brexit – indeed if I’m honest it’s also what we saw before the SNP victory. One side is totally demoralised – it stops tweeting and we then see twitter dominated by one side, with a very few tweeters – clearly either party hacks or paid workers – valiantly trying to be heard amongst the deafening roar for the other side.
I’ve even opened up a private window and viewed the hashtags from that in case twitter was filtering out pro-Trump tweets for me. But apparently not.
The only note of caution I’d add, is that the twitter userbase in the US may be different – so perhaps it is inherently dominated by Trump supporters, so the number may not reflect the general population. Also, I’ve not been monitoring the debate – so unlike #brexit where I could see the change, I come to the US election as a “snapshot” which means I cannot see the trend.
Note I’ve tried #democrat #democrats #hillaryclinton @hillaryclinton #clinton2016 (or perhaps #hillary2016)

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2 Responses to Forecast: A Trump Victory

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Labour were supposed to win based on the Twitter feedback but the Tories romped home. I predict a low turnout because neither side is pallatable but I think Trump will lose because he’s just too erratic and obnoxious. Democrats will vote to stop Trump, not to select Hillary, in the same way a lot of people voted Tory to stop a Milliband Sturgeon collaboration.

  2. Scottish-Sceptic says:

    It make be all academic now:
    BREAKING: The Washington Post just exposed “Bill Clinton, Inc” for yet ANOTHER crooked connection!

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