TV maker Panasonic says it has developed the world’s best weather model

electronics company Panasonic says the company has been running its own global model for several years on an 11,000-core supercomputer. And that PWS model, he said, has not only been outperforming the GFS model but has become competitive with the gold-standard ECMWF model. “We started the global model development in 2008 and finally got to the point where we were outperforming ECMWF by late last year,” Jacobs said.
There are various ways to measure model accuracy, but one of the most widely recognized is “anomaly correlation” at the 500mb, or mid-level of the atmosphere, over a 30-day average. Higher scores are better. Recently, Jacobs said, the PWS model has scored a .926, compared to a .923 for the ECMWF and .908 for the GFS. Essentially, then, a team of five weather modelers and five software engineers, as well as about 20 meteorologists and computer modeling experts at universities under contract, claims to have beaten the best government weather forecasting centers in the world.

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2 Responses to TV maker Panasonic says it has developed the world’s best weather model

  1. The Editor says:

    So can it be that Panasonic “internet ready” TV’s sold since 2008,
    are really part of some kind of “Botnet”, and “spare” processor time
    being used, err stolen, from users of Panasonic TVs to provide this
    new climate model ? – just asking that’s all.
    I wish that they’d spend more time alleviating the known illnesses
    of mankind, like eliminating Polio, Malaria, and the host of other
    maladies for which we can absolutely make a difference Now,
    and starting Today.
    I will make an even more accurate prediction that any “model”.
    Whatever ANY model says about what future climate will be,
    in a decade from now, or even a century from now …..
    See if I’m right or not in 100 years time ….
    (if this blog page still exists in the cloud in 2116 ?)

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Unlike climate models which are “right” despite what happens in practice, this articles makes it clear that Panasonic are judging their model by how well it performs in practice.
      So, whilst much of what you say correctly applies to climate models, it is unfair to apply it to the Panasonic model which (according to the article) is demonstrably better than current models.
      This is good research, that (if the claims are correct) will help to save lives.

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