Naomi Klein says Paris Summit "turning into a farce"

Has Naomi finally learnt a bit of science and come around to the sceptic view? Sadly the answer is no.
Instead, it’s not the farce of a conference being held to stop global warming – after 18 years without any of that warming according to the only reliable global temperature (corroborated by growing Antarctic, global sea ice and Surface Greenland ice). Instead the farce she is protesting are 24 completely imbecilic and frankly dangerously suicidal climate extremists. Who are so crazy, they just don’t have the mental capacity or empathy to understand that if the Paris police are already over-stretched are organising the protection of 10-40,000 visitors at a time of war (some 200 events have been cancelled), then they simply do not have the man-power to baby sitting these morons.
But no! Naomi Klein would rather the French Police were forced to shut down #COP21 (which I would be more than happy to see) than that her climate extremist friends were prevented from endangering their own, their gullible friends and worst of all the French Police and public’s safety by staging a totally pointless & illegal protest.
Source in the Guardian – but as they are another bunch of dangerous Climate extremists I’m not linking to them.

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3 Responses to Naomi Klein says Paris Summit "turning into a farce"

  1. markstoval says:

    “Source in the Guardian ā€“ but as they are another bunch of dangerous Climate extremists Iā€™m not linking to them.”
    The fools at the Guardian are crazy, dishonest, dangerous, and stupid. Other than that I guess they are ok.
    You mention no global warming for about 18 years. it is worse for them than that. We have seen the planet warm since the early 1800s when the Little Ice Age ended. We should still be warming from that event to some small degree but here we are flat-lined. Not good.
    Those who think the sun is important to temperatures on this planet are saying that we might very well be nearing the end of this inter-glacial. Not Good.
    On the other hand, our decedents will be delighted to make fun of the idiocy of this era as we cried about global warming cased by a trace gas in spite of the laws of thermodynamics and physics telling us that CO2 cools the planet on net. I hope their humor will still love irony — cause we have plenty of that.
    ~ Mark

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      I totally agree with the comment: “our decedents will be delighted to make fun of the idiocy of this era …”. And it is not as if they can pretend (like after the banking crisis) that no one knew they were being utterly daft – or like the global cooling lunacy that it was “only a few loons and 97% did not agree”.
      They’ve really stitched themselves into a sack and jumped overboard with this scam. They’ve categorically denied the science, produced surveys showing they all agreed, almost no one except the well know sceptics have contradicted it. They cannot claim it was a minority or not mainstream.
      And now, if there is a 60yr cycle in the climate (peaking around 2010), it is more than likely we will see cooling in the next decade (starting with a lovely drop off from El Nino)
      Climategate was FOR THEIR BENEFIT. it gave them the opportunity to slap a few wrists and reform. But No!! They compounded the criminality by a conspiracy to pervert justice and science, and now they have no honourable way back.

  2. Roy Hartwell says:

    Funniest photo of the day ! Sunday Telegraph has pictures from the Climate Demo in Paris and guess what their centrepiece for the demo is ……………a great big hot-air balloon !!!! Now convince me it runs on solar or wind šŸ˜€

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