Spock warns of an ice age like that before #10000bc

“We can say with confidence that we are heading toward another ice-age.”

I listened to a similar documentary when at school.
When recently green groups pushing doomsday warming started denying that this global cooling scare ever happened, I tried to find the original UK documentary without success.
But thanks to Steve Goddard I’ve finally found this broadcast in 1977. It never occurred to me there would be an American version narrated by Spock.


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4 Responses to Spock warns of an ice age like that before #10000bc

  1. Scott M says:

    I was a young man at the time and a friends father froze to death in his car as he got stuck on his way to work on the highway.

  2. lectorconstans says:

    From amazon: “I Am Not Spock”, by Leonard Nimoy.

  3. Andy says:

    I did a quick google on 4 of the scientists who spoke on this show. Dr Gifford Miller (assuming this is the same person) is now firmly in the AGW camp
    Stephen Schneider, now deceased, at one time estimated that increased aerosols could lead to a collapse in temperatures. He changed his mind when it became apparent that he had overestimated the effect of coolling from aerosols and underestimated the warming effect of CO2
    Dr Chester Langway worked on ice cores and with others found extreme fluctuations at times when climate was shifting from warm to glacial. I could not find any comments or positions on AGW.
    Dr James Hays has used ocean cores to estimate past climates. I could not find any comments or positions on AGW.

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