Neil Craig, the Lone wolf howls no more

Neil Craig, the Lone wolf

Neil Craig, the Lone wolf

It is with sad regret that I have to announce the sudden death of Neil Craig, friend, SCEF committee member, prolific blogger, and strident “voice in the wilderness” who gained the nick name “the lone wolf”.

Excellent letter from Mr Craig. He is like a lone wolf howling in despair in the intellectual wilderness of our politics.

As founder of the 9% growth party he was ambitious in his politics or as he put it:

The policies advocated then were unquestionably the most progressive (ie promoting progress) of any party in Scotland, indeed by a very wide margin.¬† Even after these years they still are. Indeed moreso since our ruling political class have deliberately put us through an unnecessary recession when we could have had at least 9% growth, and put over 1 million Scottish households into fuel poverty with the world’s most damaging “Climate Change Act”, allegedly designed to prevent the catastrophic global warming we are suffering from – despite it being admitted there has been no warming, catastrophic or otherwise since 1995.

A strong advocate for nuclear power and free market thinking, he was a constant thorn in the side of a complacent public sector frequently being heard to ask the question:

Name me one scientist who supports the alarmists, anywhere in the world, who is not ultimately paid by the state

Always surprising, Neil recently married a lady I never had the chance to meet, however whilst he appeared to mellow following that union, I also saw a marked improvement in his political writings so that  I felt he had a real chance of being elected for UKIP.
If so, he would no doubt have livened up the otherwise drab and boring politics of Scotland.

Neil Craig

A Place to Stand

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  1. markstoval says:

    It is always tough to lose a friend. It is doubly tough when the friend is a courageous fighter who understands our enemy. My condolences.

  2. Hazel Craig says:

    Thanks for your kind words, it’s good to know there are folks out there who appreciated Neil. If any friends/fellow bloggers are in the Glasgow area and would like to pay their respects, Neil’s funeral is on Monday 14th July at Linn Crematorium (Lainshaw Drive, Glasgow, G45 9SP) beginning at 2pm prompt, afterwards we will be gathering at The Dram pub in Woodlands Road (236-242 Woodlands Rd, Kelvingrove, Glasgow G3 6ND; formerly called the Uisage Beatha) from 3pm to 5.30pm.

    • To Hazel Craig
      I have not seen the note about Neil Craig’s Death before just now, today. It is a day when entire Scotland should mourn. What a loss, indeed!
      Retrospectively I feel an strong urge to travel to his funeral on July 14, but that’s, alas, already too late now. So I will at least tell you that I’m full of admiration for and deep consent with everything he wrote.
      Scotland is known for its many outstanding mathematicians and other bright, independent thinkers, but still more famous for its strong old ‘grit’, the courage to be – if necessary – just a lonely wolf (here we say ‘a caller in the desert’). If more people were likewise sagaciously alerted, we would be saved from many bluffs & lies, much deceit, collective errors and avoidable fiascoes.
      Is there a source (book or internet-address) where I could find all his published work?
      (Who am I? A Swedish physician, epidemiologist, neurophysiologist focusing on just this phenomenon: flabbergastingly successful collective errors. I have written several books on epidemiological and political issues and have had the chance to dissuade Norway from the rather irreversible mistake of joining the EU (Koch MG & Gonzalez JJ: EUphoria – chosing between democracy or bureaucracy/EUforia – om valget mellom demokrati og byrocrati, Univ Bergen, 2994).
      Just now I am closing a book about the incredible climate hoax: The World is on its way into the next ‘quiet sun phase’ (“the solar Niroma minimum”, the moderate and periodical warming (no AGW, but an HGW, a heliogenic global warming has tuyrned into an HGC, a Heliogenic Global Cooling) is over since around 1995 (i,e., 16-23 years!) and temperatures are markedly falling now – beware of the impending Winters until 2060! – and the World still discusses a fancied ‘warming’. That would need some dozen Neil Craigs, Lord Lawsons, Lord Moncktons and Lwarence Solomons!
      And I wish Scotland to become a free nation after many hundred years under England, so it may slip to participate in all shortsighted English decisions steered by naive gullibility and a pompous wishfull and avoiding thinking, that will lead through the EU into a chain of never ending fiascoes. on Scottish shoulders.
      Yours sincerely and cordially Michael Koch, med. dr., regem. physician

  3. David Farrer says:

    This is very sad news. I met Neil quite a few years ago and always enjoyed talking to him at our Tuesday Club dinners in Edinburgh. He will be greatly missed by our members.
    Condolences from David Farrer (Treasurer) and from the rest of our members.

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