Greenpeace: "climate conference … was a waste of energy,"

Nigeria: Climate Talks in Warsaw ‘A Waste of Energy’

The United Nations, UN, climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, have ended with activists disappointed that the quest for climate justice had become even more elusive.

The COP19 – the 19th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – ended on November 23 with delegates reaching a compromise on how to fight global warming.

“The climate conference in Warsaw was a waste of energy,” said Martin Kaiser of Greenpeace Germany.

“It was already clear by midweek that small steps forward would be sold as successes but would not help us to negotiate a global climate protection agreement by 2015,” he added. (All Africa)

A stalemate of lies

On the one side we have the IPCC who in the face of all their failed predictions (something that all governments understand well for economic models) have upped their own statement of their confidence in themselves. No sane person EVEN IF THEY BELIEVE THE IPCC could risk serious damage to their economy knowing the IPCC are so delusional about their themselves, because even if the predictions finally prove right, the obvious risk given the forecasts don’t work and growing public anger is that they will appear to be wrong (before the next election).
However, unlike economics, where it is relatively easy to find an expert to support a policy U-turn, in climate they are for the most part all under the same delusion about their predictive powers and so it is difficult to find an “expert” to support a policy U-turn.
That I believe is why we have this stalemate of lies. Because the only real response of government has been to stall for time.vThis is quite sickening to watch, because a lot of people’s lives are being wasted. But it has been obvious from the way wind energy share prices have been behaving that behind closed doors they have made the wind industry aware that this policy is coming to an end.
It is just that until the IPCC comes clean, governments cannot come clean.
The log jam is about to unblock
Two things could have unblocked this policy area. The first is for the IPCC to admit that it has not been able to predict the climate. The second is for the IPCC to be dragged kicking and screaming to the execution block when it is proven it cannot predict the climate.
The first would have been embarrassing for the IPCC, but its reputation and influence whilst diminished, would have remained. The second means utter public humiliation and effectively the end of climate science as a subject (it will become a minor sub-subject within larger departments)
The end is nigh
As the end of the 10-year Met Office forecast fast approaches this winter, it now appears very likely (in the UK) that the UK government will use this event to highlight the failings of the IPCC. The recent “cut the green crap”, signals a willingness. The impending inquiry into the IPCC is the means. And the failed forecast is the keystone that will bring the edifice down.
The last real chance the IPCC had to redeem themselves was AR5. But they gave up that opportunity and even made it all worse for themselves by, in the face of failed predictions, by upping their own confidence in their own abilities (I rightly called this delusional.)
As such, the UK government & world governments will have very little option but to get rid of the IPCC and effectively tell most of the science institutions in the UK to go and take a running jump on this subject because they have consistently proven themselves incapable of supplying policy relevant forecasts.
Is this Academia’s “Miner’s Strike”?
This is all becoming very reminiscent of the industrial strife in the 197os when in a similar way to that in which the politicised academia now thinks it should run the country, the politicised miners thought they had a right to dictate government policy.
In the same way as trade-unionist starting advising government on all manner of things of no relevance to them, so we now have communist style “scientific advisers” appointed to most major government departments in order to spread the influence of academia into government.
It is widely believed that Thatcher intentionally manipulated the miners to go on strike in order to bring the unions down.
Could this global warming non-science have a similar effect? Could it so wreck the reputation of academia, that it allows the Tories to bring in wholesale change to academia which no one could have envisaged just a few years before?
But worst of all …. could there be method in their madness? A predominantly left wing academia and their cohorts in the Guardian and BBC …. a right wing Tory party needing a group to take on like the miners ….

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3 Responses to Greenpeace: "climate conference … was a waste of energy,"

  1. neil craig says:

    No, because the politicians, BBC & Guardianistas have discredited themselves at least as much as they have discredited “climate scientists” and far more than they have discredited scientists as a whole.
    It could be a libertarian conspiracy to discredit politicians and government parasites as a class, ushering in an era of small inoffensive government and economic decisions being made by the market (a result I would like), if it were not for the fact that such libertarians have not been in power and a number have been doing everything possible to persuade the governing classes out of this lunacy.

    • I went to get a Dyson machine from Livingstone. I made the mistake of turning on the BBC. Everything they do is either “how wonderful the public sector are” or “how nasty the private sector is”. It is just an endless diatribe of hatred against people who don’t share their views or their fat-cat public-service salaries.
      It is not so much what they do report … it is how they never have anything good about the private sector, only something good about the public. And how, they’ll go on and on and on about how the private sector being bad. E.g. they had a whole article about Boots avoiding tax. It turned out they were complaining that they were not being taxed on money they paid out of the business. This is such basic accounting that it showed they hadn’t a clue … but still they picked up the story and ran with it … largely because it was another way to attack a private sector company

  2. they didn’t get the money in Poland what they would like; but they got some. Involuntary euthanasia to IPCC in few years time…

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