Diary of a global warming sceptic

It’s been a strange day … which is ironically typical.
7:30am wake up to crowing cockerel … mentally make a note that it is about time we got rid of it as it’s bound be be annoying neighbours. Remember youngest son has decided to breed from the current pair. Relax at thought of not having to dispatch chicken this week.
7:40 Wake up again to find that someone governmental is texting wife. Confused by modern technology, I jump out of bed and hand wife handbag … only to be told she knows who it is.
7:45 think of turning on Radio 4 … remember all the times I’ve had to complain because of their biased coverage … not in the mood to write another complaint, so leave it off.
8:00 get up, to be told by son has to get to school for exam by 20 past. In sleepy state assume this is 9:20. Wife points out that I never told anyone I was doing University exam yesterday. Wonder why anyone would be interested … hold 5 minute conversation with son who gets me to tell him about the exam – remind him how important it is to time the question (don’t tell him how bad it went) tell him I had been to St.Andrews University the day before – tell him about the library and being unable to find stairs.
8:10 Realise daughter is not up, realise that Son with exam is leaving and wants to be there by 8:20 … still can’t understand why he’s got to leave so early when its only a half a mile to school.
8:?? Kiss wife who walks to station.
8:30 begin getting angry with daughter who is watching TV undressed as other son disappears out door to school. Sit down at computer, and start first post on global warming.
8:55 After much chivering, daughter exits house by front. Wonder why she is not leaving by back where cycles locked upĀ  …
9:00 Discover daughter doing recycling at front instead of going to school for which she is already late
9:02 daughter arrives at school – probably just scrapes in without getting on late register.
10:30 Finish first blog condeming all eco-nutters, and phone local paper regarding my letter trying to save the local nature reserve from being developed on.
11:00 Finish phone call saving the environment and have a coffee. Remember more stuff I should have put in blog condemning eco-nutters
13:00 Finish next blog, grab a bowl of cereal Put next load of washing in machine notice the weather doesn’t look like it can go out, start vacuuming floor, do the ironing wife left.
14:00 Sit down to read archaeology posts. Read WUWT, get annoyed again as I remember the insinuations from yesterday that we sceptics are paid up lackeys for big oil. Which reminds me the new car lock for the car arrived this morning … and it’s been almost a years since it stopped working … DURING THE BIG FREEZE (more than a year!)
Realise this is just a crazy day create post.
Think twice about posting personal details …. remember no one reads this blog anyway.
3pm, vacuumed, floor cleaned (it’s only because I’ve been doing exam and didn’t get around to doing it earlier) still looks like rain … 10 minutes before first urchin arrives back from school. Don’t know when eldest will get back … will it be smiles, or a frown?
Sit back with legs up letting floor dry … thinking … what else can I do whilst it dries other than update the blog.
Notice rain, on brickwork I built … at least I was right about one thing today … it was going to rain!
3:25, Ring at door … remember to ask “how did it go” – in a manner that sounds casual just in case it went like mine.
GOOD … wow, that’s better than I’d hoped.
Get thrust paper with paper. First question shows man with lots of possessions “Think about our need for possessions … our lives today are too cluttered. The pressure on us to buy new things increases daily”.
Flick through, spot a picture of an old building. Start showing an interest (old tower house probably with farmhouse attached, converted with larger doors, looks vaguely borderish, start wondering where it is.
Daughter arrives home.

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2 Responses to Diary of a global warming sceptic

  1. nzrobin says:

    Your comment “remember no one reads this blog anyway”.
    I thought I should let you know there is at least one person that I read your posts.
    And you know what – I’m coming to look at your beautiful country early July.
    With warm regards from New Zealand; about as far away as you can get from Scotland.

    • Nzrobin,
      thanks for the kind words.
      I’m intrigued to know why you would come from the furthest place on earth to Scotland, when it is said the scenery is very similar. However, someone on my archaeology course went to NZ not long ago and they said it was fantastic.
      I would be interested to understand what you are looking for in Scotland.
      Places I’d recommend:
      Now moved to What to see in Scotland
      And .., I really shouldn’t have said “nobody” … it’s more like a friendly bar in a pub rather than a massive public hall.

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