you can't see windmills in mist and driving rain!

I was talking to a close relative, who had previously accepted the warmist stance, when they out of the blue volunteered the statement that climate scientists were “untrustworthy”. Likewise I was attending a meeting of university educated people – who go out of their way to recycle –  and a proposal for the meeting to be in future “carbon neutral” was raised. Before I even had a chance to speak, the idea had been dropped by the members.
One swallow doesn’t make a spring, nor do two snowflakes make a winter, but I am increasingly getting the feeling that people have gone off this CO2 warming malarky.
So, it was a bit of a shock on the way back from England.
As usual, the journey down the M74 had been torrential rain and snow. It was hard enough to see the car in front let alone what the Scottish idiots we call MSPs had been doing. The journey back was little better … torrential rain all the way up the M6, until we reached glorious Scotland, when the sun burst out and my wife took over driving allowing me an unimpeded view of … row after row after row of windmills. All made outside Scotland, all costing me a small fortune (over their lifetime). All of them part of the biggest fraud in human history.
So, I was not in a particularly tolerant mood when … who should appear on my TV, but the arch idiot Hansen.  Isn’t it  getting to be seriously embarrassing being Scottish? It’s like living in some Banana republic inviting over nobodies like George Galloway and presenting them with their highest medal of bravery for having a view they agree with. Whilst at the same time the peasant (aka old age pensioners) starve (huddle around their fires) waiting to die because of government policy. Although, on reflection, comparing Galloway to Hansen is highly derogatory to George who whilst he may look ridiculous in a leotard does say pertinent things about WMD.
OK, let’s not get it out of perspective, we all die. But it was not until I realised that in the next century there would be 2.3million extra winter deaths (based on Age Concern statistics) that I realised that if on average we live to 70ish, then a good percentage of people die due to winter cold. More than likely we all know one or two people who will die this way. It’s on a par with road traffic accident deaths. If it were treated with the same seriousness, we’d probably all have Gatso** thermometers in our houses and receive temperature tickets if we allowed it to fall below 21C (I’d be in prison because ours is set at 18C … although the children have worked out how to adjust it … so they might save me from the temperature cops)
But back to Hansen. What an idiot! There is some saying, that you can judge a general by the quality of their opponent. Well, on that basis we sceptics are appalling! How did someone like Hansen get to any position of prominence? Is this some kind of PC quota ensuring that even the incapable are fairly treated and promoted in equal numbers to those who are capable?
Of course the BBC followed up Hansen by an in depth critique by three global warming nutters (I count the BBC presenter as one). Of course, I wrote the normal complaint, and of course I will get the normal answer … go away we don’t listen to sceptics.
[Addendum … I didn’t get the normal answer. In fact, whilst not admitting at all the BBC had failed to adhere to its legally binding charter … it was articulate and humorous. On reflection, I realise I probably shouldn’t have characterised the BBC presenter as an eco-nutter. It was careless and cheap to do so. The organisation as a whole may be an eco-nutter organisation, but it is wrong to tar every individual. Not that the BBC answer referred at all to this blog.]
But even so, their heart just wasn’t in it. The BBC even went as far as to include some material which did not cast Hansen in the best possible light. Done very much in a “here’s what we have to tell you … now let’s ignore that and …. well … go through the same tired charade of trying to talk up a subject we are really interested in, but we know is going to cause most viewers to turn off and watch another repeat of top-gear caravan conkers, or police pursuit 37,986 or another daring helicopter rescue when this time …. its a dog.
So, whilst I was delighted to see that NASA used to have people who understood that NASA can’t keep shouting wolf, and not expect to loose credibility, it really doesn’t answer the question of how we can stop our idiotic politicians in Scotland littering the countryside.
Indeed, if there is anywhere left in Scotland that we can go without having to view this icons of global fraud, I would very much appreciate the information. I would particularly like to know which Munros Monroes lack any view of windmills either on their peak or during the climb/assent … ideally with none on the journey there from Glasgow … but I’d be willing to sacrifice a few eyesores on the way if at the end of the journey I could be certain of a gloriously unspoilt day.
And for all the misery guts out there who will be saying that Scotland can never guarantee an unspoilt day … you can’t see windmills in mist and driving rain! The more it rains, the more likely I will have an unspoilt day!

**A notorious speed camera manufacturer.

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  1. lapogus says:

    Excellent piece Mike. One correction – hills over 3000ft hills are Munros , not Monroes. Maybe you are getting mixed up with Marilyns – hills with a 500ft drop on all sides – irrespective of their height above sea level. The name is apposite. There are still places in the Highlands where you can’t see any windmills, but as long as the ROC and FiT subsidies are so generous they are all under threat from opportunist landowners and renewable scammers. It is not just our landscapes which are under threat – it is some of our finest seascapes also – e..g. – check the visualisation video – unbelievable in terms of scale and madness.

    • Oops … it’s even more embarrassing! I used to work with a Ms Munroe …a peak that few managed to climb.
      But seriously, do you have any recommendations for mountains to climb. I used to love climbing hills, but to be frank I could not stomach the whole day being ruined by a view of windmills … and the more the effort to get to the top, the worse will be that view of a government sponsored litter AT MY EXPENSE.
      WIth luck, I could probably come home in the dark when it was impossible to know the damage done … at this time of year I could even get there in the dark. The one thing that puts me off climbing anything these days, is the thought of sitting back to view the magestic scenery … only to see one of Scottish Renewables Eyesores waving at me as if to say: “f*ck you”.
      Perhaps I should take up caving? … But knowing my luck, after a mile long squeeze through filth and grim there’d be some daft scheme to make energy from bat droppings down the tunnel I pick.

  2. lapogus says:

    Mike – Sadly , thanks to Braes of Doune, Glenderg (Alyth), the Griffin (between Dunkeld & Aberfeldy) windfarms or turbines are now visible from from most of the key summits in the southern Highlands. Beinn Dearg (north of Calvine) and a couple of the Glen Tilt Munros could be exceptions. Ben Lawers and the Glen Lyon hills also, but that will change once they have Calliachar up. Ben More (Crianlarich) should also be okay. I don’t have the time but this would be a good project or someone – a map which detailed the few summits from where no turbines were visible would very effectively show the hideous intrusion of these machines into our wild land areas. It would be useful for planners also.

  3. lapogus says:

    Dave Hewitt would be a good person to take this further. He occasionally still produces the Angry Corrie – and also writes outdoor pieces for the Caledonian Mercury now and again – e.g.

    • lapogus, I’m afraid the practicalities of family life meant that we eventually ended up going up the Campsies – and what do you know it … they’ve built more blasted bird mincers over the back.
      I really can not fathom the utter hypocrisy of so called “greens”. They talk about saving the environment, they talk about “preserving” habitats, and then they allow the whole of Scotland to be used like one waste dump.
      And they aren’t like an electricity pylon … I can often completely ignore them and just look at the scenery. Indeed, I sometimes only realise that there are electricity pylons when I get home and look at the photoes, because the views block out the eyesores.
      But windmills just sit there like some demented BBC presenter waving and waving and waving to get your attention.
      There is nothing in the world so distracting from the stillness of Scottish scenery as a windmill.
      Even if they were for our benefit, we should have left a large chunk of Scotland free of them. But as we all known now they are completely useless solution to a non-problem done only to gratify the egos of stupid politicians.
      Fortunately, the day was forecast to be sunny … but oh no, you can’t rely on the Met Office … it started snowing!!

  4. neilfutureboy says:

    You are right about the quality of the opponents – there is barely a real scientist among the lot of them and Al Gore’s “the temperature 2 km down is millions of degrees” is si9mply an embarrassment. Our problem is that it is difficult to score a goal, even against a team of Long John Silver impersonatorsif you are prevented by Beeboids and other government apparatchiks, from getting on the field.
    The results of almost all public debates shows why our media prevent formal debate.

  5. I don’t understand why being able to see a few wind turbines in the distance is such a big deal for some people – it seems irrational to me. They aren’t actually erecting them on top of Munros. Chill out 🙂

    • neilfutureboy says:

      Try building a block of flats in Green Belt or countryside and you will see the same luddites who say windmills don’t change the countryside saying housing real people there would destroy it. The hypocricy is obvious and absolute proof that the ecofascists don’t actually care in the slightest about the environment but are anti-progressives flying a false flag.

      • Well I don’t say that. However, there isn’t much of an economic or social case for building blocks of flats in the country, so I don’t think that is a helpful argument. There IS a strong argument for more affordable rural housing though, and real country folk would never object to that.
        Those of us who live and work in the country get fed up with city and town dwellers who want to keep the countryside ‘preserved’ as their weekend playground. They are the real ecofascists.

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