Scottish Sceptic

Some might say that the very nature of Scottishness is scepticism; I think it comes with the climate: cold & wet in winter and wet and cold in summer. I’m sure this scepticism or as others might call it: “prudence” is why Scotland used to be renowned for its engineering, science and banking. From James Watt to Scottish widows, the culture of scepticism was key to the Scottish economy.
Where did it all go?  These days being a sceptic, or as the Royal Society of Science’s motto puts it: “taking no one’s word for it”, far from being an integral part of science and the economy is actually despised in both. Banking is all about gambling, risk taking and we saw where that went. “Science” is actively hostile to the sceptic who doesn’t tow tow to the almighty word of the climate “scientist” even when the climategate emails shows they were hardly acting in a scientific way.
The saddest day for the Scottish nation must surely have been in June 2009 when all MSPs voted voted to cut the nation’s CO2 emissions by 42% by 2020. A totally futile gestures by 128 deluded politicians who had fallen for the lies and deceit about impending global warming. Scotland is a country where thousands of people die each and every year from the cold, the main effect of this policy will be to increase the cost of fuel, so that more of the most vulnerable people in Scotland will be unable to heat their homes resulting in yet more deaths.
Where was the science, the prudence, the scepticism? Where was the integrity, where was the 45,000 jobs we were promised when the UK started wasting billions on wind energy? Gone!

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