Update on Covid

For a while there has been a theoretical possibility that rather than reducing deaths, that the jab would lead to a condition known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which makes it more likely that someone who has been given the jab, will not just be infected by covid, but that the infection could be much worse than without the jab.

To give an idea of the seriousness, I am told that in lab trials, which were skipped for this jab, around 50% of animals got ADE and died.

Many commentators are now suggesting that the rise in infections and deaths in Israel is an early indicator that the jab is causing ADE. I have no way to know whether this is so, but it is clear that the available stats could be interpreted as supporting a hypothesis that ADE is present and that it is growing as an issue.

Most concerning, is the silence from the UK government and media on this possible situation. That indicates to me that they have been told to keep quiet, and therefore that the UK government is treating it as a real threat.

It has been suggested that providing a “booster” shot could stop people getting covid and therefore stop them dying. However, it has also been suggested that a further booster shot will compound the problem. This post is subdued, not because the situation isn’t serious, but because there is no effective action that I can recommend.

This is my own analysis for my own use: WorstCaseAnalysis20210902

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The link between Covid Tyranny and Nazis

If anyone like me visited Germany in the Decades after WWII, and met ordinary decent Germans, the question that could not be answered is this: “how did these people end up supporting a regime like the Nazis that ended up killing so many people in such horrific ways?”

The answer, if we believed the likes the left wing extremist BBC (Biased Brainwashing Cult), is that it was “all the fault of the Tories”. Or as they put it “Nazism is a form of Toryism  … that occurs when Tories start doing things that the Biased Cult don’t want like wanting out the EU (the German utopian vision!)

But, if  socialism was so good, why were the German National Socialists – the official name of the Nazis, so bad? Surely, if politics played a part, the natural conclusion seeing the atrocities of communism (the left) and the German National Socialists, is that all types of socialism is bad.

The problem, as I now realise, is that the whole narrative of WWII as portrayed by the biased media was totally distorted. The Nazis were not evil because they were left wing, and certainly not because they were right wing. Instead, they were evil because that evil was allowed to develop within their society irrespective of how their politics was mapped onto British parties by the biased reporters of the Biased Cult.


Continue reading

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Covid and Climate

I thought it was time to have a think about how this covid debacle will impact climate.


Whilst a lot still remains unclear, what we can now say with confidence is:

  1. The lockups were a disaster in every sense. Those countries that went for this insane response actually ended up with more covid deaths. Whereas, in order to even attempt to justify these illegal actions, they would have needed to see an absolutely massive reduction in deaths.
  2. “Science” was a total ass, if by “science” is meant the academics who usually stand up and claim to be telling us the “science”. Because these people utterly confidently told us that “science” told us we had to destroy our economy, health and education in order to “save” people. Whereas, e.g. we in the UK ended up with about 40,000 more deaths than if we’d followed the Swedish no lockup strategy.
  3. The jab was a flop – in the UK we saw no reduction in the death rate between those who got the jab first and other groups. Instead, the epidemic finished in the way epidemics always finish, with a combination of natural herd immunity and spring
  4. The “scientists” couldn’t cope with the real world, where we repeatedly got epidemics, that grew (as they do) and then went away (as they do) and entirely without jabs (as they do). Instead, they couldn’t understand how it was possible for epidemics to disappear (as they do) without a jab (as we don’t need).
  5. The models were universally condemned by almost everyone as totally useless.
  6. If we look at deaths in years before vaccines for older people, and compare those death rates with the rate of 2020 for a bug that wasn’t vaccinated against, we find that there was not a lot of difference particularly if we factor in the very low death rate in 2019. Instead, it is going to be pretty obvious, that if vaccines stop older people dying, then when we get a bug that doesn’t fit the vaccines dolled out, that there is going to be an exceptionally high death rate. But that high death rate is because lives had been extended by previous years vaccines, and not because they were cut UNNATURALLY short or it was a particularly disastrous year (considering the large numbers who would be lined up from being saved ready for the next normal unvaccinated flu epidemic)


We have for years, been lied to about the climate in the same way that for the last year anyone watching the Biased Brainwashing Cult, was lied to about covid. We were also told that this period was “exceptional”, by people who refused to compare the present period with known data from the past, but who like covid, chose a very short period of comparison in order to fabricate a scare.

Likewise, we have seen appalling models, that failed to work on numerous occasions become the basis of eye wateringly expensive government policy. And like covid, the “science” – or what was pretended to be science – has been repeatedly wheeled out to fool the gullible.

Lessons learned

First lesson, is that despite the lies and deceit from those like the Biased Brainwashing Cult, the science eventually shone through. Admittedly, those who jumped on the covid bandwagon are still very tentative in their acceptance, but it is clear that they have very little option other than to accept that lockups did not work, etc.

Second lesson, is that it takes a lot of time for the science to show through. I knew covid peaked naturally in April last year, but some very good academics are only very slowly coming round to this point of view.

And, the third less: what happens when the public find out. Now that is an interesting question, because the vast majority of the population are still totally unaware they were taken for a ride. Indeed, it is possible that the politicians etc., will try to stop them learning. But as they say: when in a hole, stop digging, and the politicians and those establishment “scientists” who pushed the lockup are in a massive hole already.


Whatever happens about the public perception of covid or climate, the simple truth is that we in the UK can no longer afford the climate stupidity. And, moreover, I don’t think anyone is every again going to accept the words “trust me I’m a scientist” ever again. Indeed, it may be closer to “You’re a scientist – which means you’re a totally gullible fool”, is far more likely and realistic. I can’t think of a simple parallel to “just three weeks to flatten the curve”, … followed by a year of flattening the economy, health, education and freedoms. But if anyone tries that kind of lie of climate … they’re not going to find a gullible public now.

But, it needs time. My bet is that the reaction against covid and climate, may now follow much the same path: an initial gullibility, followed by a very long and slow slip of credibility, followed by …. well we are yet to see how strongly the public react when they find out how much its all cost and how much they have been lied to. And that phase will take longer on climate.

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Mask of thorns

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Anatomy of a collapsing mega scare scam

For years I have wondered what would happen when the global warming scam finally came to an end: would it fade out to obscurity or would it collapse in a monumental crash?

So, when it dawned on my that covid was just another feardemic and that like the global warming scam, this one was going to collapse, but unlike the global warming scam, the covid scam would collapse within a year, I could see that the way the covid scam collapsed might be a very good indicator of how the global warming scam would finally go.

After the end of the epidemic, it was clear that the public fear would soon subside, but what wasn’t clear is how the government would behave. Interestingly, rather than accept the inevitable end, what we in the UK have seen is a number of “reach for the sky” type initiatives trying to grasp “victory” from the jaws of defeat. If anything, the more obvious it is that the jab failed to save lives, that the lockup added 50,000 deaths, the less interested the public, the more shrill the government demands for ever more draconian schemes.

In retrospect, this has a lot of similarities to the global warming scam. As public interest waned, the government have pushed for ever crazier targets again trying to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat.

The reason for this government behaviour now seems clear. In the beginning where there was a lot of support, the government just had to say “let’s get X done”, and by a miracle, a lot of people would get involved and start getting X done. But when apathy and disinterest sets in, the government still uses the same approach … but with little result. But rather than adjust the approach, they just create more and more unrealistic targets in the hope that the more determined they appear to be the more people will join in and make it happen. In reality the opposite happens – the more shrill the government cries – the more people know it is failing.

My guess is that the next stage involves a choice by government:

  • Accept defeat and move on
  • Pour more and more effort into flogging a dead horse until it all explodes in an obnoxious cloud in their faces.
  • Get distracted (by events or by something convenient)

I think we’ll now have to wait and see.

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People are waking up

These three say it all:

  • Using the same criteria for “covid death”, we have now had well over 220 deaths from the jab.
  • The UK is now being picked out as an example of the worst performing countries BECAUSE OF THE LOCKUP.
  • And in the US, there is absolutely no doubt the lockup was a killer.


It is becoming harder and harder for the covidiots to deny the reality that lockups were a killer.

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50,000 deaths caused by lockup in the UK

For more than a year, we’ve had idiots telling us that there was no choice other than the illegal detention of the population of the UK: an illegal experimental medical treatment which blatantly infringes so many laws and treaties as to make the bind boggle, and that somehow the only way out of their illegal detention was to commit another crime: the illegal forcing of experimental genetic therapies on an uninformed public.

When Sweden peaked and showed us very clearly they were wrong, it should have been a matter of days before we followed Sweden to the lower end of the death count: instead and utterly insanely, they followed Belgium to the top of the league!

The only possible justification for that criminality would have been that if massively saved lives. But the results are in: we have now reached the end of the winter peak, the figures fell without any sign whatsoever that the therapy had had any benefit (because deaths did not fall disproportionately in those given the therapy earliest). And the result is that we now have 40% more deaths in the UK than the mild lockup of Sweden. That is 50,000 people whose lives could have been extended, even with a mild lock … yes only perhaps by a few months – but did they really have to die in social isolation with nothing to view but strangers in face masks afraid to treat them like humans?

The genetic therapy was a total flop, the lockup merely increased deaths, and the result is that millions of kids have had a wrecked education and now face a lifetime of poverty, the NHS has been destroyed with 5 year waiting lists that will not be going away soon, because the economy has been wrecked and the national debt increased at a faster and larger rate than occurred at least since WWII. And the unemployment rate is what? 5, 8 million? Because if you’re on furlough you are unemployed.

These criminals might think they can get away with it – because they have before. They might think that they can use the standard approach of hiring a rotten judge to whitewash the evidence and find them all “innocent” of every clear and provable charge. They might think they can pour “research” money into trusted academics who will all “find” the evidence to “prove” them innocent like they “found” the evidence to “prove” HCQ didn’t work. But there are far more politicians worldwide who need to show that their lighter approach than the insanity of the UK worked better, so there is no way the UK can hide the evidence this time with a whitewash “enquiry”. Nor with the internet can they manage the news and pretend nothing happened.

These murderers will not get away with it.

Why don’t lockups work? To use a simple analogy, in the 1970s, people who got a lot of money building flood defences convinced politicians to pour money into bigger and bigger defences against the inevitable floods. The result was a total disaster, because rather than stopping floods, all that happened, was that the flood found the weakest link in the chain, broke through and caused a MASSIVE flood in one area with devastating results.

Finally, politicians realised, that like the vaccine pushers, the flood defence pushers were leading them to an insane goal: flood defences that were impossibly large and extensive, that they inevitably got breached because they were too expensive to maintain.

The same is true of a lockup – it might sound a good idea, but the reality is that just as the flood finds a weak spot and will inevitably get through, so the virus will inevitably get to infect people no matter how they try to avoid it.

It was then realised, the way to stop a flood doing damage, was to BREAK OPEN the flood defences and let the flood out … to spread out where it did least damage on open farmland, so that there far less pressure on the vulnerable areas which could then be better defended because the overall flood was lower.

The same is true of an epidemic like this of a low-death rate easily spread virus. The best way to defend the vulnerable areas (the old with multiple conditions), is to let the virus spread where it does least damage (the young and fit). That builds up herd immunity which rapidly drops the scale of the epidemic, so it is far less damaging to those who are most at risk. We used to accept that was the way to manage epidemics – until a lot of evil people realised that there was a lot of money to be made from deluding people into thinking they needed “vaccines”.

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The end is nigh for the covid criminals

With the number of deaths per day heading along the same path as the number of positive tests, irrespective of whether the group has had the genetic therapy (falsely termed “vaccine) or not, it is now clear the therapy has been a total flop and even if by some miracle it eventually causes some effect, the scale of that effect will be so minimal as to make the therapy totally pointless. It cannot be justified.

The latest epidemic (which was perhaps helped to grow by the lockup), is now coming to an end through natural herd immunity and not because of some expensive gimmick from a profit driven vaccine company and SAGE members with the snouts in the vaccine trough. The last hope of a convincing rational for the covid criminals who illegally locked up the UK, destroyed out economy, health and denied education to those at virtually zero risk has gone.

Instead, all that is left is their disastrous handling of the covid fiasco and the fact that we now have numerous studies showing lockups do not work. Indeed, as I have said many times, you only have to look at the lower deathrate in Sweden to know we shouldn’t have illegally locked up the nation.

The tide is going out and soon these criminal will be left like fish flip flopping on the sand.

Better still, is that as we get to herd immunity and the improving weather that means people are getting their life-giving vitamin D that helps combat covid, the justification for the most appalling propaganda deceit, at least since WWII if not in all history, is coming to an end. The covidiots can no longer justify their 24/7 bombardment of lies and distortions onto the public, they can no longer justify the censoring of all the information proving their illegal behaviour cannot be justified. Soon the public will begin getting the information they have been denied, and starting to ask the questions they have not been able to ask.

And then the criminals in Whitehall and SAGE are snookered! With the flop of the gene therapy, there is no way to justify their crime. They can no longer rely on their deceit to hide their lies and criminal activity. Human rights can no longer be treated like disposable face nappies to be tossed aside as unwanted rubbish.

The end is nigh for the covid criminals

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Physics of driving over ice roads

This started as a Christmas discussion and when I went to look, I could not easily find anything on the physics of ice roads. So, I thought I’d try to work out some of the basics from first principles and a bit of guess work.

Let’s start with an assumed 10tonne vehicle. If we assume the density of ice is 9/10 of normal water, then if 100tonnes of ice is pushed down into the water, it will support the weight of a 10 tonne lorry. If we then assume the ice depresses by 10cm (which seems a lot), then the area that is pressed down is around 1000m² or  31 x 31m..

If I were to guess, I’d say that typically ice sheets break so that the length is around 10x the thickness (total guess!!). If true that suggests that the ice needs to be at least 3m thick to produce slabs over 30m x 30m.

However, lorries don’t sit on the ice, instead they drive over it. And indeed I’ve seen rules that say “don’t stop on the ice!!” Continue reading

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2020 in perspective

For around 20 years I have campaigned on the climate, trying to convince the numbskulls in government and academia, that the minuscule change in temperature that science predicts cannot in any way justify the destruction of the modern fossil fuel economy which has created so much good.

But modern academia seems to hate the modern world, and used every possible trick in the book to dream up reasons based on climate to destroy the modern economy. And as China benefited most from that insanity, and there were suggestions China was involved such as the 28gate meeting that set it on its anti-industry crusade, somehow I always felt China was responsible for that insanity.

So, it was not that surprising when a flu bug originating from China, the like of which we had seen on average once every decade over the last century, became the next reason to destroy the modern economy and push back against the modern world. Continue reading

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