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The Russian sloth wins

Despite all the warmongering media’s lies, it now looks like what is being called “the Russian Sloth” has won, or is very close to winning the conflict, created by Zelensky and Buydem. And, far from Johnson’s delusion of being “Churchill”, it seems he has finally united the entire country who now loath him one and all. Zelensky doesn’t look like he’ll survive long and nor does Johnson, so, now the real question is this: who will be gone first?

(Buydem was never there!)

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After Net Zero and Covid

Despite the feverish attempts to keep the covid and net-zero narrative going, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Covid is now at the stage where the lawyers are getting involved in damage done by the jab, and as I’ve not seen a single study that shows the jab, the lockup or the muzzles were helpful, it’s pretty clear where that is heading.

Likewise, with the whole of Europe looking like it might collapse due to the lack of fossil fuels and price rises continuing and even accelerating, the Net Zero policies that caused it all, are not exactly popular. Indeed, I suspect those who are smarting most, are those on the left, which is going to particularly hit academia with its left leaning sympathies.

So, quite bizarrely, those who are traditionally most resistant to these policies, may have least idea how much the mood is changing on the left.

Disappearing Political Support

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WWIII is coming

I hear today that Truss is sending weaponry to Taiwan. After the abysmal failure to achieve anything useful in Ukraine, because Putin successfully neutralised the west long before the first shot, by funding our green groups, and because Buydem’s corruption left us supporting a “military genius” who put all his weapons on one supermarket, not just Putin, but China are laughing at the west.

Like Russia, China has been running their own black ops: funding woke in Universities to cause social disintegration, and encouraging the force through of policies that sent all our strategic manufacturing to China (and Taiwan). So, the west is now as, or perhaps more, impotent when it comes to a war with China. Particularly as the west has now exhausted stock piles of weapons in Ukraine (helpfully placed together by the comedian where Putin could blow them up with one missile).

So, the west’s ability to fight a conventional war with China, will last a matter of weeks … indeed, it is debatable whether the west has the fossil fuels to get its current armament to Taiwan! Yes, lots of huffing and puffing and threatening nuclear, but that is all the west can do, and China will just reveal its own nuclear armament.

But, could it turn worse? Is it possible that China will stop at Taiwan, and instead decide to use the West’s complete impotence to “demilitarise the west”? I now think that is a real possibility: that the Chinese will respond to western sanctions with a very aggressive response effectively taking over the west.

IMPOSSIBLE! you will say.

No it isn’t and I will explain how. Look at Epstein Island. Here there were something like 10,000 rapes on young children, going on whilst people like Clinton visited the island, yet not one of those doing the rapes has been charged with a crime. It must have been a blackmail operation, one that caught many politicians, journalists and celebrities making it impossible for anyone to speak out, because even if they weren’t directly involved, many in the law enforcement agencies clearly were. So, anyone speaking up will find themselves under investigation. Someone controls all these people, and through it the US establishment.

The US establishment is corrupt to the core … and who might have funded that? My bet is a foreign power. Which means the US establishment is effectively controlled from abroad.

If that is right, it is now very easy for China to take over the US. With Big Tech now brainwashing people, it’s very easy to see what China’s next target will or perhaps HAS been. Like the deafening silence on Epstein Island, the Chinese take over of the west, can take place without the pubic even hearing about it. That’s because China already have the means to control western populations through the internet in the same Totalitarian way they do in the east … and it was our stupid politicians and the morons in Big Tech who made it possible, through measures like the “online safety bill” that created the means for them to legally censor and control the internet. If/when China takes us over … most people will never ever know it.

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Enerconics and the effect of Net Zero

In my original article on Enerconics I explained how the extremely close correlation between total world energy consumption (including wood for burning) and total world inflation adjusted GDP showed that GDP was controlled by energy.

I now want to broaden the concept: in general we can estimate the size of an economy in many different ways, some more meaningful than others.

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As far as I was aware, I grew up in a world where no one questioned scientific fact, where if someone did research, not only could it be trusted, but no one would seriously question the research.

I now live in a world, where much of what we call “science” is nothing of the sort, instead it is political opinion cherry picking fact, such as the Met Offices latest “May is having more hot days” (it’s not), and where there is research that I find very credible, because I came to much the same opinion looking at the evidence and where every other researcher seems to agree (such as the lockup being useless), I now find that some people cannot stomach hearing the science.

From my perspective, the world has gone utterly crazy and given up on evidence based thinking. But, perhaps I am just older and wiser and less gullible, and I now see the things that I never spotted in past and the ridiculousness of assertions that I once would have taken for granted.

However, it reminds me of 1984. Of propaganda that repeats black is white, until large numbers of people will readily say that black is white. But, I cannot go along. Black is not white, and saying it is doesn’t change it.

What however is interesting, is whether this blatant lying and dishonesty is a new phenomenon. Indeed, do those who lie, actually know they are lying? My judgement is that lying is now far more frequent than in the past, and that many of those lying know full well they are not telling the truth. Indeed, some seem to almost gloat at their ability to tell lies and get away with them. Its a post truth age!

What does this mean for the future? If we have an evidence based society, based on rules of behaviour, then it follows that politicians will be judged by those rules. However, if we deteriorate into a society filled with lies and deceit where evidence does not determine outcome, then it follows that politicians will not be judged by plain simple rules and evidence, but by the quality and quantity of lies. And, if follows that the treatment of politicians will not be what is legal, but what people “feel” is right. In other words, lies by politicians and others, encourages a society where lynch mobs can and will thrive.

Of course it will not just be politicians who are at risk, we may all be subject to this lynch mob of the post-truth age, but I do think those most at risk are the political elite.

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looking for sanity in the insanity, lies and deceit

There is no doubt about it, I was right when I predicted we’d have another period of insanity due to the internet, akin to the witch trial insanity that arose after the uptake of printing and the new way that spread information and views.

Obviously, I first spotted the trend in the climate insanity, where hysteria was now relabelled “science” and where it became not just acceptable, but a requirement, to fake the temperature data and so trends.

Then we had covid, which can basically be summed up by the fact that the death rate, when we take account of the age profile, was lower than every year before 2008. It was a pretty normal few years … during which people went utterly totally and completely bonkers.

Then we had Ukraine, where the press just went utterly insane. They genuinely seem to believe that they can win the war by lying … whilst Putin does what it was clear he was always going to do, largely unaffected by the press’ rants. I’m waiting for the press to tell us that Putin is a transvestite child molester … because they’ve made up every other conceivable lie about the war so far. The best one runs like this. First article: “Putin is going to invade London”, Second article “Putin is losing the war because he didn’t invade London”. Third article: the Russian people are up in arms because Putin failed to invade London. Meanwhile the Ruble is as high against the dollar as its been for several years, the Russians are spared all the woke capitulists … it sound like paradise! I  have to keep reminding myself that there are many things that I don’t like about Russia.

Putin funding green groups

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The New Normal

I heard on the grapevine that allegedly Scotland is back to “normal” … which I suppose means the SNP are being as nasty as ever but now without their muzzles.

As I went out delivering leaflets yesterday for the Freedom Alliance party, things seemed to be much the same … except no one trusts the press or politicians. And, it’s not the old “they always lie”, it’s a new: “they are intentionally deceiving us” and a feeling they are constantly attacking us.

I think it’s because as people slowly wake up to the fact that the lockup had no benefit, the masks were almost useless and the jab INCREASED transmissions and did not reduce the overall death rate, the one loser from the last couple of years, is the reputation of the Old Mainstream Media and Old parties (and I include SNP has Old and discredited parties). None of them stood up for our rights, for science or the truth. They all just loved the Totalitarianism.

However, I will be honest, I think this election, the biggest impact is that a huge chunk of people, just won’t be able to bring themselves to vote for anyone. And, being told by the lying press to vote for parties intend on putting up fuel costs and further destroying our lives through general price rises is not going to make anyone love the OMSM more.

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Current View on the Climate

I’ve been relatively quiet on the climate for a while, so I thought it was worth explaining my current position: nothing has changed. Basically there is no evidence that leads me to believe that the 20th century “change” is even a provable change, instead it may well all be due to data fiddling. And, even if it were in part or full an actual change, it is still well within the normal range of natural variation. That is not to say I would reject human caused change, although I suspect the most likely change is the reduction in SO2 emissions that occurred after the 1970s clean air acts. And, yes changing CO2 affects the surface temperature, but REALLY … the effect is quite small and overwhelmed by other contributions like cloud.

So, why am I being quiet? Firstly nothing was happening … and there was no point just waiting for the next change in climate … when nothing was happening. And I needed change to progress my understanding, specifically of the ice-age cycle. So, I may as well get on with other things in the meantime as I wait. As for action on the insanity, to put it simply: if people want to worship some insane climate cult … surely that’s their business?

But, if they want to end fossil fuel use … it’s quite clear to me that the effect is going to be a massive impact on the economy which will do far more to end the stupidity than I could achieve sitting on the internet every day. The laws of physics and economics (which I join together in a concept I call Enerconics), dictate that being stupid about energy, inevitably leads to a very nasty economic consequence. I cannot do anything about that.

And this is just what we are currently seeing … as the nutters cut off fossil fuel production, prices are rising, not just of energy, but throughout the whole economy as we enter a vicious feedback that will lead to spiralling costs and economic chaos. The effects on teh cost of energy will be massive and (if you understand what is actually going to happen) the result is a quite terrifying vicious cycle. People will die … even relatively small increases in energy costs, leads to many people dying. But what they are doing will lead to horrific consequences. And, unfortunately, until the idiots in charge start seeing mass scale deaths and economic collapse, I don’t believe they will stop being the climate nutters they are. But I am not responsible for those deaths … the eco-nutters and the gullible policies are entirely responsible for them.

I hope this explains my position. I am no less convinced of the insanity of the climate cult indeed every year the insanity increases, I grow more convinced that they care nothing about the actual science or evidence … I am just being pragmatic, that it will take the obvious calamity being caused by their insanity, for most politicians to wake up.

Let’s hope the insanity over covid leads to a rethink about the reliance on highly politicised climate academics as “experts”. But, even if not, I don’t think it will be very long before the mounting economic crisis caused by the insane climate policies forces a rethink.

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Public want an end to fracking ban – I’m a sceptic

  • By a margin of 44% to 36%, the public are in favour of lifting the controversial ban on shale gas extraction, a new Savanta ComRes poll has revealed.
  • The poll, commissioned by campaign group Net Zero Watch, showed that Conservative voters were most in favour of lifting the temporary ban, with 57% in support.
  • 26% of UK adults thought ensuring national security more important for Britain’s energy policy than achieving Net Zero by 2050, with just 16% rating Net Zero as the most important factor. 

Steve Baker MP, who leads the NZSG’s Steering Committee, said:

“We now face soaring energy bills and an imperative for energy security. Technology is not yet able to allow renewables to provide that security so we must look at all the options that are available in the UK. Lifting the moratorium on fracking has more support than the Government realises and is much better than importing LNG from overseas.”

As a sceptic, I have to say: given the science didn’t support the fracking ban, nothing has changed. I wanted to win on the science, not because Net Zero was an insane policy. And, if people start changing their view “on the science” … because they don’t like the outcome, then what does that say about decision making? It just means the same non-science will eventually rear its head, when Putin’s funded green groups next get their Russian pay check to spread their vile anti-western industry and society lies. (Obviously helped by the Chinese funding woke in our Universities)

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