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A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife (UPDATE)

Today I came across a post (A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife) which predicted “a period of social strife”, which given what we have seen from 2020. with covid, the stealing of the US election by BuyDem, the breaking of the Minsk treaty and stoking up of war in Ukraine, the inflaming of the conflict leading to possible nuclear war in both Ukraine and now with the Wicked Witch in Taiwan, BLM, the culture wars, etc., etc., it does seem I got what would happen right, but, the way it was caused was incomplete.

The theory I proposed, what that new technology like the internet gave a “voice” to new groups that hitherto had not had a voice, because they were excluded or too poor to use previous communication media. The result is that these groups, start to gain political power and influence, and that creates an imbalance in power, which the present elites don’t like.

In the present day, the groups who particularly resented the new voice given to people by the internet, were the journalists and academics who used to have a cosy cartel where they controlled almost all public discussion. Because only the experts could speak, and only the journalists had control over the media to decide who was heard. Along comes the internet, suddenly brexiteers, Trumpeteers and many others could and were heard, with profound consequences.

However, what we then saw in covid, was a new part of the problem, which is what I call “delusional feedback”. Put simply, public discourse has two types of behaviour: one of which is to repeat, regurgitate or reformulate what we hear in a supportive way which amplifies the message meaning “positive feedback”, the other behaviour is to be sceptical questioning and dismissive which is a form of negative feedback.

In a stable well ordered society, public debate has a combination of the two. So that good ideas get amplified, and bad ideas tend to meet the sceptics who repress them.

What however we started seeing as Trump, Brexit, and the climate sceptics became successful, is that Google-You-Censor, Fascist Book, and Tricker, started actively censoring sceptical views.

That created a system, where the sceptics were repressed, and as any feedback engineer knows, if you have a system where there is only positive feedback, the system is unstable. As a result, just a small perturbation can cause the signal to grow and grow and grow.

This appears to be the critical part in the delusions that develop as part of Totalitarian government … which seem to thrive after these information revolutions (the early part of the 20th century being the obvious example, with Hitler, Stalin’s five year plan, likewise the Chinese, likewise Pol Pot. All of these developed delusional behaviour that changed the socially accepted behaviour to allow totally appalling atrocities to become accepted as normal.

Here, I suggest that the key change, is that there is a general repression of scepticism.

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By my own test is WWIII starting?

I thought I would be writing an article on building your own nuclear shelter … but that go stuck in the mud … so to speak.

Instead I am reporting on a financial scandal so odd, and so massive, that I have to keep convincing myself that I heard it from someone in the House of Lords.

Why is this important? Because the key indicator that China is going to invade Taiwan, will be that we start seeing a torrent of extremely bad PR for the US. My, assumption had been that we’d see the release of huge dossiers of material from Epstein Island, showing how corrupt all the US politicians (in the pay of China) have been. Basically, China corrupts all the politicians … and then it shows how corrupt the US has been, leading to a media storm, etc. But of course, the media are just as corrupt as the politicians. So, the first we would see of it, would be on social media, with the press being dragged kicking and screaming against the truth to have to admit it is true.

That is the scenario I thought would happen. But, anything that undermines the west, will do. And, now seeing the following video, perhaps I was thinking too much in western ways. To us, undermining politicians is the way to destroy a government. But the Chinese can’t see our obsession with the personality cult, and perhaps what they are going to attack is the western banking system

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Any practical suggestions

I was discussing the potential for widespread chaos being created this summer, and Sarah asked: “Any practical suggestions?” Which started me thinking. The first priority is to avoid getting caught up in the hysteria. I might have finally worked out that the covid hysteria, was hysteria, but like almost everyone else I was initially carried away. Likewise, I was originally taken in by the climate scam, and I didn’t realise it until I started doing my own research which proved the science didn’t support the commercial con.

So, given my previous failures … what practical advice could I offer?

Strengthen your ability to resist hysteria

  1. To strengthen your ability to resist, you need accept how easily we can all be lured into hysterical thinking by commercial and other interests. So, don’t feel foolish if it happens to you … they have enormous pools of money and a great deal of control over what you see. They have paid for journalists, they flood social media with their bots, and sooner or later, we all get fooled by them. The big difference, is that some people know it can happen and have the courage to admit they were wrong … that we have been conned. But far too many cannot face that reality and they won’t “wake up”. So, try to develop a habit of admitting when you are wrong, even for small things. Because if you develop the habit of admitting you are wrong about small things, then it is far easier to admit we have been deceived about the big things when it happens.
  2. The next thing, is to never assume that you are right. Keep checking whether your views really are valid. Not by trying to see how many people agree with you, but by checking the facts. Learn how to research information, how to get past the censors like Google on the internet and get to the raw sources. Find a range of websites, that are known to sensibly discuss subjects which are banned in the old media.
  3. The next, is to actively seek out views that disagree with your own, and at all costs, avoid “blocking, banning, etc.” contrary views. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t block people who insult or are being obnoxious. But don’t count stating a contrary view as being “obnoxious”. Try to respect people with different views and thank them for putting in the effort to explain them. Being able to seek out find and listen to views you do not currently agree with, is key to challenging any possible “brainwashing” that you may have had. This is really key, because it was only by arguing with people who had a very different view on covid, that I began to realise that my own assumptions were quite tenuous and that there was something awfully wrong with the forecasts.
  4. Learn the difference between those who “have their own different view” and those who merely regurgitate the words they hear from others. Someone who has their own view, can explain how they formed their view. They can argue their case and can deal with questions. Someone who is merely repeating words they hear, has no idea how the views they push were formed and will not be able to answer even simple probing questions. They quickly become angry, when they cannot answer simple questions. A clear indicator of someone who is regurgitating other people’s views, is someone who refuses to discuss, but instead will post numerous links. They will attack your credentials, demand that you accept the views of “experts” or similar, and refuse to answer your questions. Usually they will end up attacking you with insults.

Community Networks

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It’s coming folks!

For years, China has been undermining the west, taking over our Universities to turn them woke and push anti-western economic suicidal climate hysteria. They’ve stolen our technology bought their way into government, and no doubt they have dirt on almost every major politician and can bring them down to order. They have bought up our media and tech so that they control almost everything anyone sees on the “mainstream” media and by those means, they control our society.

Now Tucker Carlson says: “covid was a Chinese Bioweapon”. Not because the virus was a military grade weapon, but because the Chinese have used it as a Bioweapon to destroy the western economies, and via a torrent of anti-government hysteria linked to insane government policies, to destroy confidence in western governments.

Now, the next step appears to be under way: to bring down western leaders, both those who were their puppets and those who were not. And, with Britain now in turmoil on Johnson’s departure (soon to be replaced by a Bidenisk Chinese controlled puppet), all they now need is to turn the US into a cauldron of anti-government fear, to ensure that the west is totally powerless to take action when China finally makes its move.

So, what happens now? Ukraine was just a distraction … one to keep the west and Russia’s eyes from the real threat to world peace: China. But, no doubt the Chinese will stir up things in Ukraine to drag the Russians even further into the quagmire. Then they will pour onto the web all the incriminating material they have on Buydem and everyone else who was on Epstein’s island …. whilst censoring it all on the “mainstream” … to ensure the US public totally lose any and all confidence if both the US government, the “law-enforcement” agencies and the “mainstream media”.

At the same time, the west will implode in strikes, food shortages, etc. etc. And, finally, the last part of their plan: as the west is preoccupied in bitter infighting and most western “leaders” are found to be corrupt and need replacing, China has a way to place Taiwan in a position where the “people” there are “demanding the Chinese take over” … which it will obligingly do, as the west will be totally incapable of responding.

With Johnson going and lost his authority, and with BuyDem damaging material pouring onto the internet, and with Russia all but won the war in Ukraine, the Chinese do not have much time to release the hounds of hell upon us.

More on BuyDem

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Ukraine: who is winning the PR war?

Until recently, it was pretty obvious that Russia, whilst winning the real conflict, was being totally outgunned in the PR war. Ukraine & their CIA buddies were pumping out totally ridiculous PR which was being lapped up by the gullible/paid-to western press.

Then, recently I started seeing a lot more pro-Russian “viral videos” appearing, and it seemed like Putin had finally cottoned on to the power of social media.

However, perhaps I’ve got Putin’s strategy entirely wrong. There is a saying in Judo, which is that you should use the opponent’s strength against them. Zelensky was a PR con artist, his backers can easily flood the western media with their lies. And, perhaps Putin, rightly, figured that allowing them to do that, would gain him the sympathy vote from those people who quickly tired on the one-sided reporting from the western media.

So, what was Putin’s target in the PR war? It seems to me, his real target was the Ukrainians fighting the conflict. For them, the constant lies about “winning” the war from Zelensky, whilst they were basically abandoned to their fate, cannot have exactly boosted morale. The stories that their leaders are making themselves rich by selling Nato equipment to the Russians, will not go down well either. Nor does the now repeated theme of Ukrainian soldiers airing their views about how poorly the conflict is being run.

And, now what can the CIA stooges do? They now have a reputation for outrageous lies amongst the Ukrainians on the front line, and so even if they started telling the truth, they wouldn’t be believed. Game set and match!


After writing this article an intriguing prospect occurred to me.

Putin has won the propaganda war, not least because the reality of the war as seen by the poor Ukrainians who were forced to the front line, was so at odds with the lies being published in the western press (which I assume were echoes of what they saw).

I cannot imagine anything so demoralising as being thoroughly beaten by the Russians, whilst your family and friends at home are being told you are winning.

I assumed the deluge of baloney was just a fortuitous cockup by the western media. But, what if it wasn’t a cockup, but was Putin’s intention? What if Putin, knowing he couldn’t get the corrupt liars in the western media to print anything good about him, decided to use that against them and to flood the western media with totally unbelievable bs which would end up discrediting them and undermining morale in the Ukrainian army?

Is Putin, the source of much of the totally unbelievable rubbish we have seen in the western media? Thinking about it, I’m betting it was. What a blinder!

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Be careful what you vote for … you may just get it.

With the massive farmers protests in Holland shutting down harbours, airports and roads, the German “economic powerhouse” of the EU becoming a net importer, and the imminent demise of globalist eco-nutter Johnson, the humiliating defeat of the Ukrainian rabble, the US disaster under Buydem and fuel protests in the UK, things are not looking good for the Net Zero globalist nutters.

But, this is just the start … the foothills of stupidity before the west starts the real ascent into Net Zero madness.

The words: “I told you so”, seem to be very appropriate.

The big questions now are these: “how much longer will the public put up with the Net Zero stupidity?” And: “how far will the net-zero crazies push us?”

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The Russian sloth wins

Despite all the warmongering media’s lies, it now looks like what is being called “the Russian Sloth” has won, or is very close to winning the conflict, created by Zelensky and Buydem. And, far from Johnson’s delusion of being “Churchill”, it seems he has finally united the entire country who now loath him one and all. Zelensky doesn’t look like he’ll survive long and nor does Johnson, so, now the real question is this: who will be gone first?

(Buydem was never there!)

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After Net Zero and Covid

Despite the feverish attempts to keep the covid and net-zero narrative going, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Covid is now at the stage where the lawyers are getting involved in damage done by the jab, and as I’ve not seen a single study that shows the jab, the lockup or the muzzles were helpful, it’s pretty clear where that is heading.

Likewise, with the whole of Europe looking like it might collapse due to the lack of fossil fuels and price rises continuing and even accelerating, the Net Zero policies that caused it all, are not exactly popular. Indeed, I suspect those who are smarting most, are those on the left, which is going to particularly hit academia with its left leaning sympathies.

So, quite bizarrely, those who are traditionally most resistant to these policies, may have least idea how much the mood is changing on the left.

Disappearing Political Support

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WWIII is coming

I hear today that Truss is sending weaponry to Taiwan. After the abysmal failure to achieve anything useful in Ukraine, because Putin successfully neutralised the west long before the first shot, by funding our green groups, and because Buydem’s corruption left us supporting a “military genius” who put all his weapons on one supermarket, not just Putin, but China are laughing at the west.

Like Russia, China has been running their own black ops: funding woke in Universities to cause social disintegration, and encouraging the force through of policies that sent all our strategic manufacturing to China (and Taiwan). So, the west is now as, or perhaps more, impotent when it comes to a war with China. Particularly as the west has now exhausted stock piles of weapons in Ukraine (helpfully placed together by the comedian where Putin could blow them up with one missile).

So, the west’s ability to fight a conventional war with China, will last a matter of weeks … indeed, it is debatable whether the west has the fossil fuels to get its current armament to Taiwan! Yes, lots of huffing and puffing and threatening nuclear, but that is all the west can do, and China will just reveal its own nuclear armament.

But, could it turn worse? Is it possible that China will stop at Taiwan, and instead decide to use the West’s complete impotence to “demilitarise the west”? I now think that is a real possibility: that the Chinese will respond to western sanctions with a very aggressive response effectively taking over the west.

IMPOSSIBLE! you will say.

No it isn’t and I will explain how. Look at Epstein Island. Here there were something like 10,000 rapes on young children, going on whilst people like Clinton visited the island, yet not one of those doing the rapes has been charged with a crime. It must have been a blackmail operation, one that caught many politicians, journalists and celebrities making it impossible for anyone to speak out, because even if they weren’t directly involved, many in the law enforcement agencies clearly were. So, anyone speaking up will find themselves under investigation. Someone controls all these people, and through it the US establishment.

The US establishment is corrupt to the core … and who might have funded that? My bet is a foreign power. Which means the US establishment is effectively controlled from abroad.

If that is right, it is now very easy for China to take over the US. With Big Tech now brainwashing people, it’s very easy to see what China’s next target will or perhaps HAS been. Like the deafening silence on Epstein Island, the Chinese take over of the west, can take place without the pubic even hearing about it. That’s because China already have the means to control western populations through the internet in the same Totalitarian way they do in the east … and it was our stupid politicians and the morons in Big Tech who made it possible, through measures like the “online safety bill” that created the means for them to legally censor and control the internet. If/when China takes us over … most people will never ever know it.

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